uwucrew Official Roadmap V2
May 3rd, 2022

Hey uwucrew!

Since we launched our roadmap v1 back in September, uwucrew and uwulabs has taken a vastly different direction from what we originally envisioned, becoming an art focused brand and community as well as a launchpad for other anime projects such as Persona Lamps and Killer GF. On that note, we also decided to revamp our v1 roadmap with new plans and goals!

To reflect our art-focused community, we wanted this Roadmap V2 drop to be more than just a wall of text — which is why we’ve commissioned Benangbaja to visualize and bring life to Roadmap V2!

All addresses holding an uwucrew on 2/28, 3pm EST or block 14296680 will be receiving an edition of the following Roadmap V2 illustration by Benangbaja on Polygon! (Don’t panic if you haven’t received on yet, it may take a day to reach you — Also remember to check your hidden folder) Each part of the illustration below represents an item covered in Roadmap V2!

Dressing Room

When we were developing uwucrew, we had a ton of cool traits and items which didn’t make the final cut for one reason or another. The dressing room is a place where holders can try on different outfits or accessories for any uwu they own completely off-chain! Get ready for fun, seasonal, or collab-based mini launches of new outfits for your uwus!


Big plans for Waifusion will be completely revealed throughout March. Hint: More 🔥 involved!

Merch Store

Merch Store will be launched this year with some items shown in the illustration with some extras and surprises. Currently looking into manufacturers/suppliers and receiving samples. Tentative launch mid 2022 with a series of staple items + limited edition and seasonal items.

uwulabs Projects

We’ve learnt a lot from uwucrew, Persona Lamps, and Killer GF, and will be expecting a couple more uwulabs backed projects this year with varying levels of involvement from us. Don’t forget — uwu holders will always come first.


On-chain. Stats. Gamification. If those words mean anything to you then you’re in for a treat…

Long Term Partnerships

Although we’ve done a ton of whitelist giveaways, there are several big projects and artists we’ve been discussing long-term collaborations with — some of them shown in the illustration!

Artist Collabs

Last but not least, several official collabs with some of our community’s favorite artists! uwuDAO worked with artists to drop an uwucrew commission ticket collection, but these will be more official collabs that every holder will have access to.

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