uwucrew x MEGAMI Partnership

New Partnership: MEGAMI

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership between uwucrew and MEGAMI! As enthusiasts and fans of all things anime, we could not be more thrilled to establish this connection with such a wonderful and proven team and lead artist, Naoki Saito.

MEGAMI Previews!
MEGAMI Previews!


MEGAMI is a collection of 10,000 generative PFPs designed by the talented illustrator and charismatic YouTuber Naoki Saito, whose most famous works include his illustrations for the Pokémon TCG and the characters he designed for Nintendo's "Dragalia Lost".

Naoki Saito has been depicting his hopes and dreams across all of his collections. Within his first collection on Foundation, GESTURES, Saito expresses his dream of artists receiving fair benefits without being unfairly exploited. His second collection, BRILLIANT, expresses his dream of artists making the most out of their creativity. And lastly, MEGAMI, a continuation of the last dream and a future where more people believe in themselves.

GESTURES and BRILLIANT are collections of 1/1 artworks meaning that they can not be owned by many people who sympathize with their value. However, MEGAMI is different in the sense that it takes the form of collectibles. However, corners were not cut for this project and they all have Saito's 1/1 quality. As a collector, you get to choose which MEGAMI best fits you and through this empowerment it is a rediscovery of one's own value.

Naoki Saito's Genesis Piece, "N"
Naoki Saito's Genesis Piece, "N"

Naoki Saito and daowo

In October, Naoki Saito published his first NFT on Foundation, titled “N”, representing his entrance into the NFT space and an important message. The piece’s description clearly expressed Naoki’s favor for NFTs as a way for artists to truly create freely, which was a belief that was shared by uwucrew and many others. The anime art community was absolutely shocked at his entry into the NFT industry and it was viewed as a key-turning moment in the industry as his powerful message ushered in a massive wave of incoming artists.

Around this time, a small group consisting of some uwucrew team members and collectors from the uwucrew community formed an art collector group named daowo. They ended up winning the auction for Naoki’s “N” piece, valuing it at 13.69 ETH. The sale was widely noticed, as Naoki Saito was an extremely well-respected artist who successfully sold his NFT in an auction for over $50,000 at the time!!! A video was even prepared by Naoki Saito on his YouTube channel to express the sale!

Since then, Naoki Saito's art has been appreciated and collected by many collectors, including several uwucrew community members! Naoki is already a well-known member in the space, and we are extremely excited to be partnering with his project MEGAMI.

Evolution of MEGAMI
Evolution of MEGAMI

Partnership Details

To kick off our partnership, MEGAMI has been so generous to provide uwucrew with 320 mintlist spots, requesting we prioritize our beloved artists and collectors!

To make this happen, we have up to 230 mintlist spots to give to holders who have commissioned OR drawn uwucrew fanart before 5/10/22, as well as holders who have placed OR received a bid on Foundation before 5/10/22. For the remaining spots, we will be giving them out to uwucrew holders through raffles, discord contests and games!

As a sign of appreciation, the MEGAMI team and Naoki Saito have been so generous to include a few uwucrew-inspired traits throughout the MEGAMI collection so keep your eyes peeled for them! And to assist the team of MEGAMI, our very own dev Kiwi will be reviewing their smart contracts and making sure everything is clean, safe, and gas-efficient.

Post-mint we will also collaborate on special MEGAMI traits to add into the uwucrew Dressing Room, crafted by Naoki Saito and drawn by our artist, Laur. This will be a special feature available to MEGAMI holders that will allow you to dress up your uwucrew NFT with MEGAMI-inspired assets!

uwucrew is extremely excited to see MEGAMI grow within the NFT space, and there will be many opportunities for our communities to blend and be involved. We are looking forward to our future together as partners!.

MEGAMI Origins #15
MEGAMI Origins #15

Check Out MEGAMI!


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