uwu Labs x NIK: Announcing Persona Lamps

uwu Labs + uwucrew as a community

When we decided to rebrand and shift our focus towards building uwucrew, we’ve always had one core principle in mind. The art comes first and is the top priority for what we want to support and foster in this space. NFTs as an industry and platform have onboarded and changed the lives of countless artists, allowing them to express themselves freely and create in new ways. We are very proud of the community that uwucrew has formed, consisting of several well-known and beginner anime artists who publish on Foundation and OpenSea, along with community members and collectors who support creators as well.

Another new collaboration

NIK and Persona Lamps

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Persona Lamps by NIK, an extremely talented environmental illustrator and HIMA, a very talented artist assisting with the clothing side of the collection! This is a collection of 4,444 Persona Lamps, each lamp representing someone’s past life. We are also happy to announce that all uwucrew and waifusion holders will be receiving an early chance to mint + a cheaper mint price for this collection!

The Story

Persona Lamps is a collection of 4,444 Lamp NFTs that each represent the light generated throughout the NFT universe. Unlike characters taking the form of animals or humans, Persona Lamps portray a set of identities with each lamp representing a character. They do not show any emotions or facial expressions, but emit a strong mystical aura towards everyone around them. Each Persona Lamp wears clothing that represents their current or past occupations, with the traits hovering around them as their occupation or interests. While having many different possibilities, their rarity is simplified into 3 classifications: common, rare and mythic.

How does this help uwucrew/waifusion?

Because this is a collaboration, and uwulabs is serving as a dev assistant to NIK and HIMA, we are proud to announce that all uwucrew and waifusion holders will receive an early chance to mint plus a discounted mint price for this collection! On top of this, a portion of the funds raised from Persona Lamps will go towards the uwucrew Treasury, for use by the uwucrew team to grow the brand further!

When can I get a Persona Lamps?

Persona lamps will be releasing on December 19th for the whitelist/presale (0.04 ETH) and on December 21st (0.044 ETH) for the public sale.

What does this mean for uwucrew development?

Nothing changed at all! uwu Labs team is simply assisting Persona Lamps with their launch. The uwucrew team is keeping their focus on priorities and roadmap items as promised, with several other surprises (like this) being worked on as well :) We hope this is a nice fun surprise to everyone in the meanwhile!!

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