ValiDAO Treasury Report 1: March 2024

Treasury Update


In line with ValiDAO's dedication to transparency, we are initiating a monthly treasury and liquidity report. This initiative is designed to provide DAO members with a clear and precise overview of the project's financial health, including its holdings and liquidity status. This effort underscores our commitment to ensuring that all members have the insights they need to make informed decisions and understand the financial underpinnings of our project.

ValiDAO Treasury

As of April 1, the ValiDAO treasury consists of 3 core holdings: VDO, ETH and UniV2 VDO/wETH LP tokens. These holdings fluctuate based on expenses, trading fees from LP and revenues. Each token may vary in price and thus the dollar denominated value of each holding varies based up this.

Total Treasury Value & Composition

On April 1st, the ValiDAO treasury value was $1,918,623 and the composition of it is as follows:

Over the past month the treasury market value has stayed relatively flat, starting at $2.4 million and ending at $1.92 million. The variance here is mostly related to the prices of the underlying tokens (VDO & ETH). The treasury reached an intra-month high of over $3.3 million.

When looking at the composition of the treasury, we can see that the relative proportion of each holding remained relatively constant throughout, with VDO tokens making up the bulk (~70%) of the treasury:

Taking a look at the individual assets the treasury holds, we can see that the VDO balance of the treasury grew by just over 2% MoM and that the ETH balance ended the month over 5% higher.

ValiDAO also owns all of the liquidity position in the UniV2 VDO/ETH LP, which again will fluctuate based on trading fees earned and the underlying prices of the tokens. We can see that throughout the month the LP broadly trended sideways, ending the month with a market value a few percent lower than the start of the month.

VDO Liquidity

The total liquidity pool size for VDO/ETH is currently $896,00. Since it is a UniV2 style LP, the composition of the pool is exactly 50/50 VDO/ETH.

Throughout the month, we can see how these LP reserves fluctuated:

Since ValiDAO makes up a large part of this LP, it makes sense to also track the composition of this LP in terms of holder base. Currently, ValiDAO makes up 52.9% of this LP, with various other participants providing the remaining liquidity.

ValiDAOs share of this LP has risen ever so slightly throughout the past month, starting at 51.4% and ending at 52.9%.

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