Empowering the Future: Venom Foundation’s Ecosystem Expansion

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for robust and versatile ecosystems that foster innovation and growth. Venom Foundation is a driving force behind the expansion and enhancement of blockchain ecosystems. With a firm commitment to nurturing projects and incentivizing deployment, Venom Foundation is poised to reshape the landscape of decentralized technologies.

Fostering Deployment

Venom Foundation prioritizes the enrichment of its ecosystem by encouraging projects to deploy their innovations. Emphasizing the importance of real-world application, the foundation prioritizes testnet projects, recognizing their potential to drive meaningful change.

Current Ecosystem Status Update

The Venom ecosystem’s infrastructure is fully operational, with projects moving from the testnet phase to the mainnet. VenomWallet, VenomScan, VenomStake were successfully deployed. This transition signifies the maturation and readiness of projects to enter the market, showcasing the efficacy of Venom’s support system.

Active and Deploying Projects

Venom Foundation is actively helping projects to onboard and develop on Venom blockchain. Among the developing on mainnet projects within the Venom ecosystem:

  • Web3World — community-driven, flexible AMM powered by Venom blockchain. We deliver a seamless experience to become the leading DEX

  • VenomBridge — the main gateway to the Venom blockchain. Easy, fast, and safe way to transfer tokens between Venom, Fantom, BSC, and Ethereum networks

  • OasisGallery — an NFT marketplace on the Venom blockchain for trading unique digital assets.

  • VenomGet — a decentralized platform to get Venom tokens in one click.

  • Chainspot — the largest cross-chain solutions aggregator with useful tools and analytics.

  • Asterizm Protocol— cross-chain interoperable infrastructure for DeFi devs and TradFi operating with tokenized RWAs.

  • Rave— an NFT car racing metaverse game.

  • Segmint — a Venom-powered pixels game.

  • VenomArt— NFT marketplace and launchpad.

  • Ventory — multichain NFT Marketplace.

  • Snipa — cross-chain DeFi portfolio tracker designed for you to manage your assets.

  • Gravix — a decentralized perpetual exchange where you can trade with up to 200x leverage directly from your crypto wallet.

  • Clustex— a brand new, stripped-back, high-speed DEX on Venom.

  • Everplay — an esports platform for gamers and tournament organizers, combining Web2 and Web3 technologies.

  • Qamon — email based on Venom.

Each project brings unique capabilities and functionalities, contributing to its diversity and richness. The list is non-exhaustive, with new additions continuously enriching our platform.

Token Allocations and Initiatives

Projects well performed during testnet such as Ventory, Asterizm, Chainspot, Rave, Segmint, and Venomart have received token allocations from the Venom Foundation to fuel their development endeavors. With 550,000 $VENOM tokens allocated to those projects, Venom Foundation reaffirms its commitment to supporting innovation and growth.

Additionally, Venom Foundation launched the Early Mainnet Birds initiative, for onboarding projects to the Venom ecosystem and providing them with long-term support.

Join us in shaping Blockchain’s Future

Venom Foundation is a beacon of innovation and empowerment within the blockchain space. Venom Foundation paves the way for a future where decentralized technologies thrive by fostering deployment, supporting projects, and engaging the community. Join us on the path to a decentralized future fueled by Venom Foundation’s commitment to progress.

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To learn more about Venom, check out the following links:

Website: https://venom.foundation/

Mainnet: https://venom.network/

Whitepaper: https://venom.foundation/Venom_Whitepaper.pdf

Documentation: https://docs.venom.foundation/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/venomfoundation

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