Absurd, ain't it?

It is strange, that you can interpret meaning out of the utter meaningless dots and dashes of the screen that I somehow write. You somehow absurdly read it, and more absurdly enough, interpret and even understand what it means. Absurd, ain’t it.

Absurd ain’t it, that we just formed a consensus around it?

It was never a hard fact that a straight line (1) and another straight line will together form a strange curve and a line (2), which will represent quantifiable measures. Absurd ain’t it, that it’s so arbitrary and fragile that it could be disregarded any minute by a new consensus, yet so powerful and truthful that the world runs on it.

Axioms are beautiful. Aren’t they?

They are fragile and false cause they are non existent, we have just formed a consensus regarding them. Yet truthful, cause they are self evident and somehow manage to form the basis of all human knowledge. Absurd, ain’t it.

Step apart the axioms and enter your own world. So biased, so filled with consensus. And of course, Copernicus was an idiot, to break the consensus and announce that it’s not the Sun rather Earth that revolves around it.

Makes me wonder, how many lies are covered by the curtain of consensus.

Makes me wonder what even truth is?

Is consensus truth? Because then in all of the human knowledge, there are no facts only consensus around it. Who knows?

And now strangely enough, you have started thinking how absurd this life is. Absurd, ain’t it.

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