To dream big is a way to the meaningful life.

do you even wanna work on your ideas if they are not outright damn ridiculous, too utopian, too revolutionary, too rebellious.

doesn't excites anyone. The only motivator is a meaningless piece of paper. An abstraction of wealth.

But just like greatness, wealth is not to be strived for. What is to be strived for is a dream, with passion, with love.

Now everyone who joins a company tries to do a little less, a little less work, a little less of meetings, remote is preferred - cause everything chased is a little less. It's just a means of survival for employees and for founders a means of filling their internal chasm, the internal abyss -- the abyss so big, the chasm so wide. To assign their self-worth to their wealth, productivity or to fame - cause they are too afraid to face it themselves. Hiring is a great burden, and churn is high.

Cause mercenaries merely loot a band, it's missionaries who thrive.

Yet what we dreamt of was something else, not just yet another, a rebellious idea, too ridiculous to even be true. Weird amongst weird - attractor of talent. Everyone does more - a little more.

Impassioned men among all, the men who dream, the men who fight - they fight for change, cause they rebel. Cause that's the meaningful startup we have all dreamt of, cause that's the bright light that we came for. It was to dream big, yet take a small step. A small step towards utopia. Work on a rebellious idea, a ridiculous one. Create Longevity Mutants, create extra terrestrial floating colonies. It's all startups stood for once, not changing the CSS colours of a button and A/B testing for more conversion. Don't succumb to conformity in name of practicality, for striving something less than what you dream of is the greatest sin in all of humanity.


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