“The courage to be curious”


I wrote this poem around 3 months ago, partially cause I was bored and partially cause words just came to me - I became a poet of the moment and the words wrote themselves. This poem is the result of the conclusion I reached after a few months of introspection about the difficult decisions I had to take. Which usually pointed towards my first principles as a person and I had to reflect on what drives me.

What would be my main source of motivation? Ambition or curiosity/drive? Do I keep myself attached to result or do things for the sake of fun of it? And do these need to be mutually exclusive of each other?

The Poem

The wise man was praised cause he had climbed the mountain afar,
Farther than the village could see, farther than it could be.

Everywhere he went he was a hero — praised and admired,
A kid approached him and asked, “sire,
How can one reach the top? And become the hero of the village?
The wise man said, that it required courage!
That’s it? No Secret? The kid was shocked!
“The courage to be curious,” said the wise man, and laughed.

Ambition is a curse carried by the novel monkey:
It tries to control the tomorrow that may never be.

The struggle for ambition is a mere mirage: A void attempt to non-nihilify.
Have the courage, to accept the truth, don’t defy.
Do things for the fun of it — and go where your heart lands,The fun of exploring is greater than the thirst to defy,
Ambition could be just subtle revenge in disguise.

Have the courage to be curious, and seek truths as they are.
Because the man who loves climbing mountains will beat the ambitious man seeking the top and go afar.
Farther than ambition could see,
farther than it could be.

— Wanderer

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