Wasabi Protocol is Live on Ethereum Mainnet!

Wasabi Protocol is now live on Ethereum mainnet in private beta! To access the protocol, you must be a holder of the Wasabi Pass, which serves as an access token to the protocol.

What is Wasabi?

Wasabi is the first on-chain options protocol for NFTs, revolutionizing the world of non-fungible tokens by offering traders a platform to buy and sell options on ERC-721 contracts. As the NFT market continues to flourish, Wasabi Protocol aims to bring sophisticated trading opportunities to the space. With a successful two-month testnet phase under its belt in addition to two audits by Zellic and Narya, the protocol is now live on the Ethereum mainnet!

Season I Rewards Program

Wasabi Protocol’s mainnet launch will be accompanied by an incentive program geared toward liquidity providers who deposit assets on the platform early. Rewards will be calculated as such:

Referral and Early Bird Bonuses

  • Referrals: Earn 10% of the points of all users who sign up through your referral

  • Early Bird Booster:

    • Before 4/30: 5x point booster on Season 1 Rewards by depositing assets before the 4/30 deadline.

    • Before Public Mainnet: 2x point booster for depositing before public Mainnet.

Season I: LP Rewards Program

  • 10x Points on daily TVL (Total Value Locked in ETH, including locked NFT value)

  • 100x Points on ETH earned by issuing an option

  • 150x Points on ETH earned from accepting an offer

Season I: Trading Rewards Program

  • 100 x Premium (ETH) for each option bought, weighted by how close the option expiry is

  • 30 x Strike price (ETH) to exercise an option

  • 150 x Premium (ETH) to accept offer

  • 100 x Premium (ETH) to sell option

Getting Started

To begin providing liquidity or trading on Wasabi Protocol and take advantage of our Rewards Program, see our step-by-step guides to get started.

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