Open-source Ideas: PLATFRM

December 28th, 2021

Platform differs from other DAWs because it expands upon current workstation familiarities to make them more social and connected. Using Blockchain technology anyone with an account on-chain can claim an address, anything they make, instruments and songs they acquire, are all stored with that address and are accessible from anywhere via a connected device. Although other tools work in a similar fashion, none allow for universal access through link and id sharing, nor provide a way to give access to VSTs in a web3 based app.

The goal of this project is to decentralize the music industry and create user owned ecosystems in which music (in all forms - full tracks, sessions, stems, VSTs) can be shared, sold, bought, and played with an interface that is accessible from anywhere at any time.

Non-Fungible Devices
Non-Fungible Devices
FIle Explorer
FIle Explorer


Low to no cost blockchain transaction fees due to volume of Non fungible token creation
Interface for user searchable data
Background method of tracking likes and popularity of files + display in categorized lists
Give users the option to set NFTs as public/opensource and private/closed
Background method to snapshot session data + mint as smart contract with user adjustable visibility
Enable users to share smart contract sessions
Non fungible Virtual Instrument creation and/or partnership with VST creators + software instrument companies
Background method to categorize and display wallet contents (VST, songs, sessions)
Method of connecting/scanning local hardware for VST
Method of “playing” audio files on the blockchain


Creation of a decentralized music and content industry from creator based work
Elimination of Hardware requirements
Instant access from anywhere at anytime
Partnership with other Digital Audio Workstations, Software instruments
verifiable user submission and collection of items
user ran record labels and collectives
Partnership with record labels for a+r and submission
Partnership with social media or metaverse application to share/display tracks that are on-chain


Arweave TX
Ethereum Address
Content Digest