Say hello to Newt 👋

Today we're announcing Newt, the new research and development division of the Aave Companies dedicated to building and innovating in total transparency.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves to ideate, build, and ship the most interesting proofs-of-concepts in Web3. And we are not going do it in super-secret closed doors like the innovation labs of our TradTech counterparts, but out in the open with the community — in a true crypto-native way.

So, how do we do this?

We have our website, an open Notion, where anyone has the ability to view Newt’s roadmap and product designs. Everyone is encouraged to join the Discord. Want to contribute to projects? In the #build-with-us channel of the Discord, simply tag Jim (@0xjim) 😊

🦎 Our Values

  1. We build in public. Everything we do is for the education and inspiration for the broader Web3 community.
  2. We ship. We inspire through what we build, and we hope for other builders to join us in our journey.
  3. We solve for fun. If it’s not fun, it's not worth building.

And when we say “community”, we’re not larping. This isn’t the user/tech support relationship that exists in other projects. This is something that we will build together — for each other.

Just as the products will be experiments, the community that we create together will be an experiment too: on governance, incentives, organization, contribution, etc.

Newt’s first product is already in the works: NFTs as trading cards, a way to programmatically earn on owned NFTs. With a launch goal of Q1 of 2022, the project is already open to the public to help build.

What else is in the pipeline? In our roadmap we have tokenized time, optimized gas flash liquidity, and debt-bearing flash liquidity all slated for 2022. Got other ideas? We want to hear them. Fill out this form and LFG 🤝

Wen POAP? The first 500 degens to join the Discord get to redeem a limited edition POAP that’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

See you in the Newt lab!


Ready to build with Newt? Visit: or join the Discord

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