Launching Web3FC '23

This 2nd edition of Web3FC is a massive step up from the 1st edition. We got 3-4x more speakers, 2x more time and 2x more stages (=4x more activities), and so on.

Add to that new moving parts: a brand new website, a new ticketing platform, sponsors, an official decompression event, web3fc swags for every single attendant, and more.


We’re still rather small and unknown compared to the like of EthCC but the quality and reach of our conference have definitely improved by several folds.

Given the current market conditions, that’s quite an achievement.


Web3 Family believes in a multichain future. Welcoming speakers from several world leading blockchain protocols is a significant progress in pragmatically embracing this chain-agnostic philosophy.

This does not mean that anything goes. Ghost chains are out of our wish list for instance.

Agenda Overview

🔸 Fri, Sept 22nd, 4-10pm → Conference @ Aticco Bogatell

🔸 Sat, Sept 23rd, 12-7pm → Conference @ Aticco Bogatell

🔸 Sun, Sept 24th, 12-7pm → Decompression Day @ Akasha Hub

Conference Agenda

The schedule is packed with talks, panels and workshops. Wanna escape these activities and mingle with your friends? No problem: the venue has an indoor chill out area and a roof terrace where you can relax, have a drink and some food.

Friday detailed schedule below.

Web3FC Agenda for Friday 22nd September 2023
Web3FC Agenda for Friday 22nd September 2023

Saturday is equally packed. Actually there are 2 more talks that day.

Web3FC Agenda for Saturday 23rd September 2023
Web3FC Agenda for Saturday 23rd September 2023

Keep an eye on website’s sponsors section, should there be any changes that’s the first place that will be updated


All this is only possible thanks to the support by generous sponsors: Secret Network, Filecoin, Silo Finance, CoW Swap, RMRK, Melea Trust and Owen Healy.

Web3FC Sponsors
Web3FC Sponsors

Volunteers & Partners

All this is also only possible thanks to 30+ people who are contributing and helping out in some way whether volunteers or partners.

Naiara, Marina, Camila, Carmen, Lorenzo, Skrillah, Philippe E., Jeff C., David F., Paul C., Igor C., Nick, Renata, Savely, Sem G., Ben A., Leo L., Roxana B., Vincent S., Natalia S., Tomi C., Richard C., Alexia L., Aqeel A., Baran O., Patricio I., Alia, Yegor and probably more that will join last minute.


We launched many different tiers: regular tickets, early birds & super-early birds 🐥

We also launched Women & Students 3-Day Tickets for only 26.90€ 💫

Finally, we launched day-tickets for 19.90€ 🔥

All tickets include a free coworking day-pass & year-membership at Akasha Hub 🎁


The crypto space got a tradition for swags. Gifting cool swags is how some brands stand out, how they get people to like them and talk about them.

This edition we also got some cool Web3FC swag in the works. We’ve been trying to help people to be more safe in the past by giving away useful merch during our events: many hardware wallets and a few seed backup kits.

This time we’re giving sh*t loads of seed backup kits. It’s kinda beta but does work. We’re giving away 1 kit per conference attendant! 💥

Web3FC '23 has its very own Seed Backup Kit. Kinda beta. But works :)
Web3FC '23 has its very own Seed Backup Kit. Kinda beta. But works :)

Read the Guide For The Seed Backup Kit.

There will be more swags and surprises. This is just a teaser :)

Sunday Farmers Market aka Decompression Day

If you farm, then you know Sundays are great for harvesting (low gas fees hermano!). So hey, what a better day than a Sunday to have a Farmers Market?

Akasha Hub is hosting us. We love the place, the vibe and the consistent commitment in supporting crypto communities through the years, since 2017. Akasha Hub has been a second home to many crypto folks.

Akasha Hub helps many non-crypto projects too, some of them will be featured during the event!

Thanks for reading

That’s all folks. Can’t wait to see you all at the conference!

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