Year 1 Recap and What's Next

Web3 Family is now 1 year old 🎉🥲 Much has happened and moar is to come. We’re a Barcelona based indie web3 community with a long term vision. “There is no future without a past” some say. So let’s have a quick overview of what happened in this first year!

Year 1 Vanity Metrics

In this first year we grew from 0 to 1000+ members and ran 24 events. Making it the fastest growing & most active in-person indie web3 community in the region.

“What’s an indie community?” You may ask. "Indie" is short for "independent."
An “indie game” means a game developed by people that do not work for large studios. An indie artist means an artist releasing music not directly financially dependent on any of the four major labels.
Similarly, an indie web3 community is not financially dependent from any large web3 firm.

These 24 events were all free/gratis except the conference. These events happened in 10+ venues and 16+ restaurants — we go to a restaurant after each talk/workshop.

We gifted 30+ Ledger hardware wallets, crypto seed backup kits, many t-shirts, mugs and more 💝

All this happened despite launching during the bear market in April 2022 and me (Adrien) travelling for 3 out the last 12 months 💪

Special Shout Out

Thanks to all the speakers, workshop facilitators, hosts, sponsors and other people who helped running events and/or actively supported the community 🙏

Lumi, Lorenzo P., Leo Bago, Naiara C., Rodrigo C., Tadeo, Pia M., Mario H., Paul Z., Léon D., Carmen T., Rob A. H., Jeff C., Antoine H., Monet D., Elena T., Skrillah, Anett R., Julian K., Luca F., Max S., Riccardo P., Nic L., Polto, Darko, Mikaela, Ignacio D., Azadi Sounds, Théo P., Julia, Rudi N., Tair A. and more 🦸‍♂ 🥷 🧝‍♂ 🧑‍🚀 👨‍🎨 🧑‍🔬 👩‍🎤 👩‍🌾 🧑‍🍳

Forgive me I forget some names!

Year 2 Just Started!

The crypto winter and the end of Avalanche Summit inspired our last event: a Crypto Beach event to chill on Barcelona’s nearby playa — that turned into a rooftop party. It was a lot of fun with cold drinks, a sound system and amazing terrace 🏖🔉🍻

Avalanche Summit 2023 was great. Their team gave away many tickets to our Barcelona-based community. Thank you Jay & Daniel 🙏

It feels like a really nice restart for Web3 Family after my 2 months travelling and taking time off. That deserves a rocket 🚀

What’s more?

As expected I wasn’t “totally” off and did a few things, among them I purchased Web3Fam.eth while beach bumming in Costa Rica 😎

And now publishing this very post simultaneously launches the Web3 Family blog 🚀

Web3 Family Blog (as of writing)
Web3 Family Blog (as of writing)

Collect this very post as an NFT 👾

If you enjoyed what you’ve been part of with Web3 Family and feel like “giving back”, you can collect the NFT associated with this very blog post for a small fee 😉

How? Click the “collect” button below ツ

Wen more events?

As always, several events are in the pipeline. Events are always announced on meetup, twitter, and linkedin.

Thanks for reading

That’s all folks! Thanks for your precious attention 🙏

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