Closing Web3FC '23

Thanks all for coming to Web3FC. This 2nd edition was great, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback from many of you 🥺 🎉

This event was organized by myself (Adrien) and thanks to the valuable collaboration of 60+ amazing humans listed further in this article.


This was possible in large part thanks to our sponsors Secret Network Foundation, Filecoin Foundation, Silo Finance, RMRK, CoW Protocol, Owen Healy, and Melea.

Sponsors of Web3FC '23
Sponsors of Web3FC '23

Wanna Catch Up Or Remember The Conference?

22 Videos of the Talks and Panels that happened at Web3FC '23 are now publicly available on YouTube.

22 Video recordings of Web3FC '23 on YouTube
22 Video recordings of Web3FC '23 on YouTube

The conference in pictures: 80+ photos now available on Meetup (day 1, day 2, day 3) and 15+ on Twitter (tweet 1, tweet 2, tweet 3, tweet 4).

Pics preview of Web3FC '23
Pics preview of Web3FC '23

Seed Backup Kit

We gave you a Seed Backup Kit when you checked in. Still wonder how to use this Web3FC merch? Then read the Guide For The Seed Backup Kit.

Jedi master banner for the Seed Backup Kit Guide
Jedi master banner for the Seed Backup Kit Guide

Moar Free Stuff!

Aticco gives you a coworking day-pass at 5€ (instead of 35€). Use the code “HAPPY_DAY” on their booking page.

Akasha Hub gives you both a free coworking day & a year membership — that’s on the condition that if you got a Web3FC ticket. Just turn up and ask to speak to Carmen she'll explain more. Akasha is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. GMap Location.

Akasha Hub on the left. Aticco Coworking on the right. Different orgs, different vibes.
Akasha Hub on the left. Aticco Coworking on the right. Different orgs, different vibes.

Special Thanks

Last but not least, here is the run down of all the people who helped and collaborated to make this event happen.

SPEAKERS : Mário Havel, Alex Smirnov, Jesus Ligero, Leonardo Bautista-Gomez, Laura Vidiella del Blanco, Julian Nesk, Danilo Pantani, Marko Jurina, Drew Roberson, Alex Viñas Salles, Alexia Lorenza Martinel, Bruno Skvorc, Daniel Cabrera Benitez, Bryn Bennett, Robbie Kruszynski, Victor Castell, Jacques Whales, Andrés D. Molins, Marouane Essaïdi, Gabriel Herrero-Beaumont, Rafael Ugolini, Miloš Živković, Silur, Gennaro Oliviero, David Faingnaert, Pavel Fedotov, Jakob Seeger, Eloi Manuel Viejobueno.

VOLUNTEERS : Skrillah, David Faingnaert, Renata Luhos, Aqeel Aliani, Philippe Engels, Vincent Steffanini, Savely Rosenaur, Baran Ozmen, Leonard Lator, Tomi Chemerikikj, Paul Crinquand, Felipe, Richard Cardwell, Alia, Jeff Cross, Natalia Shirshova, Nick, Igor Cojo, Yegor Golovnia, Patricio Ibarra, Luca and Adriana.

ATICCO : Naiara, Núria and their team.

AKASHA : Carmen and Lorenzo along with the people who showcased their projects Domingo Club, Low Tech Magazine, Vincent Robot Painter, Flowing Futures, and Urban Planting Project.

CATERING : Camila and then Juan on the last day.

Thanks a ton everyone. It's been an epic 🙏💜

Next edition coming soon! 😉


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