To DAO or not to DAO

My Web3 journey started last October when 70+ fellows from the On Deck community joined in for the DAO track in the ODCB Cohort. Now as we explore some of the fundamental tenets of DAOs and their evolving canvas in the coming posts, let’s first focus on the DAOs to choose from.
  1. Follow your guide - If you have a friend or a mentor whom you really admire and they are active in one of the DAOs, request them to introduce you to the DAO. You may join their discord server, and start communicating with a few DAO members by introducing yourself and sharing your background & professional experience.
  2. Follow your Interests - If you are a creator, join ForeFront or BanklessDAO by buying in the initial tokens and actively contributing to the tasks on their Discord server. If you are an artist (musician), join Audius and become a silver member as soon as possible. If you are a Defi enthusiast, join Uniswap, AAVE, Synthetix et al.
  3. Follow your community - Chances are in 2022, you are already part of a few digital communities or social tribes. If you vibe with a certain set of community members and love to hang out with them in digital realms, join a DAO together that serves your goals and aspirations. That way, you are already close to your community members and can passionately contribute to your goals.
  4. Follow the Momentum - Usually, when there is huge traction on an upcoming trend (Like Defi in 2020, NFTs in 2021, DAOs in 2022), you will sense a lot of Tech Twitter buzz. Follow it closely and actively participate in those discord servers early on.
  5. Choose the right sized DAO - You may have a special liking to work in either small groups or large teams. Based on your preference, choose a DAO of a size that interests you. If you don’t like to work in a DAO which has just 100+ members as they are too small and too new, prefer to join a mature DAO with a large number of community members. I have shared the top 100+ Defi projects/DAOs based on their active voters.

6. Finally, have a DAO buddy in your early days. It will really help you to understand certain concepts easily. DAOs will require a lot of inter/intra stakeholder management, so brush up your written communication skills. The more you write coherently, the better your experience in the discord servers will be.

Have fun!

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