wen brand
December 24th, 2021

Having spent years bringing brands into technologically driven innovation spaces, it is always surprising me which companies natively get it and those that have a challenge translating their brand marketing and engagement needs to new platforms and protocols.

From the early days of helping companies navigate HTML as they suddenly found themselves in a new web based communication paradigm to bringing others into the sensor and touchscreen driven landscape of environmental experience design to the beginnings of distributed virtual worlds and establishing locative digital spaces, brands seem to simultaneously see the need to explore and then often fuck up how one should show up by either dabbling in too lightly that they dismiss the underlying premise or being so heavy handed that they come off as tone deaf in wondering why the digital masses are not pushing each other out of the way to participate.

While there are many outlets covering brands and digital marketing and experience, this ongoing set of posts focuses specifically on brand entries into web3. It asks the question of ‘wen brand?’

Wen brand wants to know wen brands going to show up? Wen brands going to jump in to the revolutionary transformation of cryptographic community, creation and validation? Wen brand does it right, we will celebrate them, wen brand fails, we will showcase how they could have done it differently. But really, WBGMI?

We are hoping for a 1x a week cadence but tbh, things get hectic, so go easy on us.

This will be a space for us to learn as much as teach and we hope you will all participate in the possible future of bringing forth the new relationship between humans and brands looking to serve (and often profit off) them.

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