It’s a crazy feeling when you realize how important people are in our lives. Not a specific person. Or a specific set of people like friends, family or colleagues.

Just people, in general.

Not in Zoom meetings.

Not on phone calls.

Not in WhatsApp groups or Discord or Slack or Tiktok or…

Those people you might bump into at the market. Or in a taxi. Or at the airport.

It might have been seeing them in person. Or maybe it was the camaraderie we were feeling in that moment. We were all trying to get to a destination and in that moment–however brief–we met.

I was reminded of this as we extended a recent weekend and collided with a number of people. Some we knew for decades. Some we knew for minutes.

At a restaurant. In a taxi. At an airport bar. In a backyard.

It was energizing. It was educational. It was fun!

From Montana to Minnesota to New York to North Carolina to Utah and back to Montana, we met people.

The photo.

We were in New York City for 24 hours and headed to one of our favorite restaurants. Sitting at the bar, snacking on chips and sipping on a margarita.

The weather was beautiful. The restaurant was buzzing. And the streets were alive.

All at once.

People: New York City.
People: New York City.
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