What’s in Your (NFT) Wallet?

Featuring: The Top CryptoPunk owner in the world.

EtherScan account 0xc352b534e8b987e036 owns 4.1% of the entire CryptoPunk collection. Of the current 410 Punks held by the top-ranking account on LarvaLabs, 369 of them were claimed during the initial mint way back in 2017 — meaning 90% of the largest CryptoPunk portfolio was claimed for free (not counting gas fees).

In total, the account has bought 48 Punks since the initial mint (the math doesn’t add up due to a combination of transfers and Punks bought and since sold). For the totality of these Punks, the largest Punk collector on the planet has spent… 29.19 ETH ($90,389.05).

Not necessarily what you were expecting from such a high roller?

That averages out to a bit under $3.1K per Punk. For some perspective, the average sale price of a Punk over the past year is close to 55.5 ETH ($173.3K).

As for the income generated from sales, the account has sold 126 Punks for a grand total of 2,355.26 ETH ($7,292,992.17).

The most expensive sale came in October 2021 with CryptoPunk #707. Claimed for free in 2017, the Punk was eventually sold off for 160ETH ($547,901). With a Rarity Score of 180.74 and a Rarity Rank of #777, this sale hardly represents the rarest Punk owned by the collector.

That honor belongs to CryptoPunk #372, which has a Rarity Score of 913.85 and a Rarity Rank of #37.

Another one of the most sought-after Punks owned by the account is Punk #9474. 1 of just 88 Zombie Punks, Rarity Tools evaluates it with a Rarity Score of 301.43 and a Rarity Rank of #126.

One wonders if this account belongs to one of the original Larva Labs creators considering the foresight needed to claim hundreds of Punks from the get-go and remain such a steadfast holder in the long–run.

According to the LarvaLabs rankings page, the account has been inactive for two months.

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