📮 WIM3 Changelog || Summer 2022

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It has been 2.5 months since the first idea of a strong Web3 community in Tenerife, Canary Islands, emerged, last July 2022.

To most of us, these 2.5 months feel like years as this summer was of a rare intensity.

As of the 25th of September, WIM3 is a beautiful emerging Decentralized Autonomous Organization of 15 active Makers. And after a few months of work, we are experiencing an impressive amount of opportunities, an exciting momentum and community growth and also a growing workload.

Let’s have an overview of all the topics we have covered over the last months.

👉 If you don’t know anything about Web3 Island Makers, maybe start by our website and come back here right after.

Eat your fravorite snack:

  • How is the team doing?

  • How are we structured?

  • What is next for the DAO?

  • What we work on: WIM3 Projects.

  • What about WIM3 events? WIMake? WIMeets?

  • What about the Makers House?

How is the team doing?

The team is in very good shape.

Excitement, fun and focus dominate the conversations and work sessions.
Summer vibe and tourists are slightly leaving the island, leaving us with a “Back to school” kind of mood.
Fun fact: a storm is hitting the island as we’re writing this post! So we can even enjoy rainy weekends to focus on our work!

Very important to assess our organizational model: 100% of the team has a daily part-time or full-time job. It leaves us with execution and communication challenges.

After 2.5 months of work side by side, friendships have deepened and delivery capacity has obviously improved.

Most of the active members are highly autonomous on their tasks and synchronise on punctual workshops or on the never-missed Friday’s Weekly. 👉 Join us on the next one.

We observe that our organisation is highly effective when we put some effort on:

  • Autonomy and asynchrony

  • Mid-term vision alignment

  • Quick execution

How are we structured?

For the first 2 months, WIM3 was completely unofficial and informal. In a nutshell, it was 10 friends on a Whatsapp group organizing events and meeting every week.

We quickly wanted to switch to the minimal version of a real implemented DAO.

In a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation a major part of the activities, roles and decisions are processed, and minted on-chain.

Any budget proposal,Any vote,Any new role granted to a member,Any specific achievement completed by a team,Anything that happens in the life of a DAO should ideally be processed and/or logged on-chain.

This way, the DAO has a common, secured and tamper proof historic that everyone can read and refer to for future projects, decisions, rewards,…

That being said, we had to set a structure ready for on-chain interactions. And this begins with identifying all members with their wallet address thanks to an Access Token that they have to mint to be part of WIM3.

So as of the 25th September 2022, we have a more official model that breaks down like this:

Around 350 accounts follow us on different social platforms. Events and video contents triggered 2 major waves of sign ups totaling 40 Web3 professionals who wants to join WIM3.

Accepted applicants were granted a Community Access Token - minted on mintkudos. It is a ERC-1155 Soulbound NFT that you can claim on the service, and it looks like this 👇

👉 Note that we review new applications every Sunday and update the mint authorized list.

This Community Access Token lets you enter our token-gated Discord server.

It works like this: we use collab.land to check your wallet. If there is the Community Access Token in it, the service will automatically grant you the “Maker” role on the server and most of the channels will appear to you.

👉 Here’s a nice Miro visual summary of this whole process

We encountered a few loopholes in the process that is quite new to most of our Makers. Switching services is not intuitive and relatively demanding compared to a “Follow” button on Instagram. We are here to support you in this process if needed. And we are also talking directly to third party services in order to patch these gaps in the UX - poke Mintkudo’s Christina exploring new relevant UX/UI options with us.

What is next for the DAO?

New inputs and ideas emerge on a weekly basis. Our environment moves fast and the opportunities must be assessed quickly.

Here are some goals that should not move over the next months:

  • Extend the number of active Makers to ±50 before 2023

  • Open the DAO to investment from its members with a private governance Tokens sale

  • Develop our first set of DAO tools like proposal and voting system, member dashboard.

We are also very open to new opportunities.

A very singular one emerged lately: the opportunity to join a bigger decentralized network of Web3 Makers in order to build, together, an ecosystem at a European scale. It would for sure have a strong effect on how WIM3 evolves.More on this very soon.

Most importantly, we want to give this DAO a sharp utility. We want to solve problems. We want to help Web3 startups. We want to meet university students and tell them what’s happening.

We generally want to foster this Web3 revolution in the whole Canary Islands or further.

Read next section to understand how we do this. 👇

What we work on: WIM3 Projects.

Our goal is to foster the Web3 revolution by contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. We work on various Web3 projects, for now, mostly at a local scale in the Canary Island.

For now we have 7 projects in our backlog:

  • Help an early stage startup in the Hospitality-Entertainment industry in their Marketing effort and search for Product/Market Fit.

  • Help a local ecological association to develop an app related to outdoor activities and ecological mindset.

  • Help Computer Science students at University to understand what is Web3 and how they can contribute to this revolution.

  • Help an Open Source scientific publication platform to decentralize its business model with relevant tokenomics.

  • Help a Music DAO to find their Market with a refined UX.

  • Fork a Decentralized finance protocol.

  • Build our on DAO management proprietary tools.

👉 If you need help on your project, we would love to hear about it: fill in this form.

We can address a wide range of problematics as the members of our community have very different skillsets:

  • 20% Developers

  • 16% Founders

  • 10% UX/UI Designer

  • 10% Project Managers

  • We also have Product Managers, Investors, Marketers,… Even an architect!

Here are a few plans for the future we would like to share regarding this WIM3 Projects chapter:

  • We want to experiment various new collaboration formats with the projects we support by using new and pre-existing tools: equity, fiat, tokens, kudos, staking,…

  • We want to use a scalable tool that matches relevant Makers with relevant submitted Projects

What about WIM3 events? WIMake? WIMeets?

Web3 Island Makers is definitely settling as a local in-person community. Events organized so far largely contributed to the current momentum. New faces join the party each time, new opportunities emerge, and good memories are forged.

We intend to maintain high level of focus on upcoming events, especially on WIMake 2022.

WIMake 2022

The project is overall in very good shape.
Momentum is rising internally, the whole team is generally motivated by our collective latest achievements in the preparation of this major event.
With the sales opening for the tickets approaching (2022-09-28) and the first concrete invoices and spendings we also feel a natural little pressure growing.
Preparatory work is almost behind us: now let’s sell tickets.

Here’s the current state of the event:

  • Locations:

    • Hotel Vallemar for the 2-days of bootcamp is booked. A deposit was made.
      Food services and other logistics have been reviewed.

    • Andana Club is booked for the Friday evening diner party.

  • The budget was voted with these key figures:

    • 80 makers, 10 mentors, 10 WIM3 members.

    • Accommodation for 2 nights and flight compensation up to 250€ for mentors.

    • Tickets be released progressively, with a price range going from 35€ for Students without any options included to 190€ for Makers with full options.

    • WIM members will also contribute by paying their food service and Networking party.

    • A forecast of 4000€ in sponsoring is planned.

    • The final balance estimation sums up to +2200€

    👉View detailed voted budget - access will be granted on demand.

  • The team of speakers and mentors is composed with 5 confirmed high profiles - 2 more are in discussions. They’re being invited to our Discord with a special access token and role of “Partner”:

  • Partnerships are on the way with:

  • Tickets:

    • A partnership has been made with a local amazing artist Chema Mendez for 3 different visuals

    • Sales will be entirely held on OpenSea with different generations of tickets as NFTs. They will be sold in USDC (Polygon). Funds will be received in web3islandmakers.eth Gnosis Safe.
      👉 Check our safe on Etherscan

    • Funds will be redistributed to members of the DAOs who will pay fiat the service providers of the event with. These members will be free to chose if they want to cash out the received USDC (withdrawing fee can be added as a refundable expense).

    • Tickets are eligible to secondary market.

    • Separate optional tickets will be available for Lunches and Networking party

  • Marketing operations and promotion of the event are on the way. Here’s a non-detailed list of the actions we intend to roll out over the coming weeks:

    • Landing page

    • Announcement email

    • Trailer video

    • Ads + opt-in

    • Cohosted posts on social media with speakers and mentors

    • Linkedin automations

    👉 Check the editorial planning for more details

  • Other promotional actions and opportunities are discussed such as Press publications, in-person presentations at the university, relationship with city halls.


WIMeet#1 and #2 were wonderful. 40 Web3 curious and professionals gathered in Puerto de la Cruz, willing to connect and learn.

In total, several speakers took the stage to present their current projects and industries. In chronological order:

Great promotion and post events videos were made that can give you an idea of the mood: watch our Instagram Reels.

To gather these materials and set up a high quality live streaming we had the chance to be supported by Tommaso Ferrari - an absolute video production expert you should reach out to immediately had you any need regarding audiovisual content creation.

The contents of the 2 WIMeets were appreciated. We understood that WIMeet#3 and next ones should probably be a bit lighter on the content quantity. 1 or 2 speakers are enough, participants are glad to come also to connect and not only learn new technical things.

WIMeet#3 October 6th and WIMeet#4 November 3rd are also going to be held at Andana Club. They will probably not benefit from the same marketing effort as our main focus will be on WIMake2022.
👉 Want to save the dates? Check the Next Events Calendar

We are still looking for 1 speaker for WIMeet#3 on the theme of Regenerative Finance / Web3 For Good. If you or someone you know could fit write to hello@web3islandmakers.com.

What about the Makers House?

Our community needs a space to host all our activities.
We want to host our own WIMeets.
We want to see founding teams burning their brain all day long.
We want to experiment hardware implementation.
We want to host coworking and coliving activities.
We also might throw one or two parties along the way…

A team of Makers is actively:

  • Looking for a space to rent

  • Building long-term relationships with local institutions and business partners who would like to venture with us on that Makers House

  • Conceptualizing the ideal setup, architecture and day-to-day operational run of the space


👉 For more WIM3 stories, follow our adventures on our Social Networks, write us at hello@web3islandmakers.com or join us right away by filling this form.

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