WIS V1.130 FAQs

The team is currently doing final optimization and testing. Except for the functional modules in the preview. This version also carried out a lot of refactoring and optimization of the underlying modules.

All users are recommended to upgrade. Otherwise, there may be cases where the reward cannot be obtained.

Below is a summary of some recently received questions.

Q: When will the V1.130 version be updated?
A: July 15th at 10 pm New York time.

Q: When will the V1.120 airdrop event end?
A: July 15th at 9:00 pm New York time.

Q: What are the resources needed to upgrade gems?
A: The gem upgrade is 100% successful.
To upgrade, you need to consume 5 gems of a lower level to synthesize 1 gem of a higher level.
Different WIST and UMT will be consumed according to different gem levels.
Low-level gem upgrades only cost WIST.

Q: Each PFP has 4 sockets for gems, so 10 PFPs can have 40 sockets for gems. Up to 210 gems in one account?
A: The current version has a maximum storage space of 210 gems.
Gem storage space and sockets on each PFP are different.
Depending on the quality of the PFP, the storage space increases in different amounts. For example, Common level will only increase 1 gem storage space, and Epic level will increase 4 storage space.

Q: How can I unlock the gem slot? Do gem slots have different properties?
A: The slot can be unlocked when the PFP reaches level 5, 10, 15, 20.
Only gems of the corresponding color can be placed in different sockets.
Orange gems can be put into red and yellow slots.
Purple gems can be put into red and blue slots.
Rainbow gems can be placed in all slots.

Q: Can I sell and buy gems?
A: In version V1.130, gems can be sold at WIST or UMT prices in the WIS App.
But the minimum price cannot be less than 100 WIST or UMT.

Q: Can gems be sold in third-party marketplaces?
A: The current version does not work, it can only be sold and purchased in the WIS App.
But in future versions, the highest tier gems will be available for sale in any third-party marketplace.

Q: How to organize my own team? Is it only possible to use my activation code?
A: The "team" will be divided into several parts. In the next version, the team will include:
1 PFP used by users who have used user activation codes
2 PFP used by users who have bound the invitation address
3 All PFPs you own
4 In the Land version, the team will have new components

Each part will have different numerical effects in different gameplay.
In the current version, the numerical value has little impact, so you don't need to pay special attention.
If there are major numerical system changes, the team will announce more specific rules in advance.

Other questions:

Q: How to calculate the energy upper limit value?
A: Depending on the amount of PFP held, up to 20 energy.
In addition, the currently used PFP quality will increase up to 4 additional energy.
That is, you can have up to 24 points of energy.

Q: How long does it take for the energy to recover?
A: 25% of energy is restored every 6 hours.

Q: What can I do if the value has not been updated after UMT is transferred to the cloud wallet? A: Click UMT, enter the Transfer interface, select UMT BEP-20, and click Refresh.

Q: What can I do if the withdrawal of WIST to BEP-20 is not completed and clicking the retry button does not work?

A: First, please make sure that the current address has enough BNB to pay the gas fee. In version V1.120, withdrawals within 72 hours can be retried using the Retry button. For more than 72 hours, please contact the technical team for assistance. In version V1.130, the retry time after withdrawal is extended to 30 days.

Q: When will the PFP rental function be available?
A: The promotion of leasing-related modules will only begin after the Land module is launched.

Q: How much BNB does the PFP transfer cost? Are there any restrictions before and after the transfer?
A: The transfer only requires Gas handling fee, which is generally less than 0.0005BNB under normal circumstances, and may fluctuate according to network conditions.
After the transfer, the PFP belongs to the receiving address, and the original address cannot be used again.
It may take several hours for new addresses to refresh after the transfer.

Q: Will there be various language selection functions in the future?
A: There will be a multi-language version, but it will be added after the version function is relatively complete.
During the Open Beta phase, there will be no multilingual support.

Q: During exercise, if the phone is left standing still, will it consume energy and vitality?
A: No, but the power value will be reduced due to prolonged immobility.

Q: What is wallet backup?
A: The built-in wallet function of WIS, like ordinary blockchain wallets (such as MetaMask,BitKeep etc.), requires users to back up and keep their mnemonics by themselves.
The wallet data will not be stored on the server.
If the user loses the application data and does not back it up, the data cannot be retrieved.

Q: What is the difference between WIS Token and UMT token?
A: WIST needs to be used in more functions. 95% of it comes from the internal system of the app and is generated by user behavior.
UMT is an ecological governance token with a pre-release part. The user behavior output of the app's internal system is 30% of the total.

Q: How much UMT does it cost to reset properties?
A: Currently there is no attribute reset function.
But in the V1.130 version, gems will add a lot of attributes.
You can try to use gems to tune the missing properties.

Q: Why can OPPO brand mobile phones only run up to Power 5? Which phone sensor is the best?
A: The sensor sensitivity of each mobile phone is different, and the next version will be optimized for each model.
There will also be some optimizations in the V1.130 release.

Q: How is the gas fee for WIST and UMT transfers calculated?
A: The gas cost given by the App is only a reference value. It will actually change according to the network situation, and it will generally be lower than the reference value.

Q: How many users does WIS project have at present?

A: The App currently has about 7K active users. Counting NFT and SBT holding addresses, as well as token holding addresses, it is estimated that there are about 12K active users.

Q: Is it possible to display the vitality value of PFP on the page that is in motion?
A: It has been optimized in the V1.130 version. There will be different prompts when vitality is less than 50% and 20%.

Q: How does the vitality value of PFP affect the income and how to restore it?
A: Vitality cannot be restored automatically, it needs to consume WIST to restore it. When the vitality is lower than 50%, the benefits of exercise are reduced by 10%, and when the vitality is lower than 20%, the benefits of exercise are reduced by 50%. Below 2%, earnings are reduced by 90%.

Q: Can the PFP background color be the same as the sports venue background color to get more rewards? What does the current PFP background color do?
A: The same color will increase a certain lucky value, which will affect the drop rate of the loot box.
When the Land version goes live, the effect of the motion background color will increase to other values.

Q: When will WIST be traded?
A: Because almost all WIST is generated by users, the team cannot help to establish a swap pool for WIST and other tokens.
When users obtain enough WIST, there may be exchange pools established by community users.

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