At present, the land-related functional modules only open the basic framework and mint functions.
Before the follow-up modules go online, some modules with more feedback from users may first conduct voting communication, and then go online after adjustment.
The exchange of land can currently be conducted in any third-party market.
The official marketplace will be opened in the App first, and then the webpage will be opened after the completion of this test mint event.
System design for Web3 always starts with assets and their values.
Then, through community communication and discussion, the economic system and gameplay will be gradually formed and optimized.

We still have a lot of planned features that are not yet available.
According to the current progress and roadmap, we will complete the launch and testing of all important functions before the Core mainnet launch.
We plan to start the multi-chain asset linkage test in mid-September.
Thanks to all community members for their time and resources during the beta phase.

⚠️ Please pay special attention:
We will optimize the storage and encryption modules in the next minor update.
This will result in the need to re-import the wallet, please reconfirm that the wallet backup has been completed before updating.

Website: https://wis.xyz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wis_xyz
Telegram: https://t.me/wisdao

WIS Land System

Treasury Revenue

Treasury revenue will not be deducted from the user revenue portion, which will be additionally generated.
The additional land income will be related to the land level.
Currently, the land upgrade has not been opened, and the impact will be small at level 0.
The treasury revenue is controlled by the landowner, and by default it will enter the Stake state to increase voting rights.
To withdraw token, you need to initiate an unlock request, and the VP value will be reduced, which can be withdrawn after the lock time is up.

POW Studio

The gameplay currently requires more than 15 WIS NFTs to enter.
In this mode, the income calculation is based on the main WIS NFT's properties.
The income will be affected by the token stock of the Land treasury, and the reward ratio will be increased randomly.
Vitality loss will be randomly distributed among 15 participating WIS NFTs.

Land Properties

Land has many latitude numerical properties, and also has gem sockets.
Many values ​​are not currently in effect in gameplay.
But it will gradually affect each gameplay and generate gains.
Level 0 land will increase to PFP by a certain percentage.
The upgraded land will increase according to the value of the land.

Land Upgrade

This feature will be opened in subsequent minor version upgrades.
The upgrade will mainly require contribution value and token.
The contribution value comes from the gems and loot box donations made by the player who chooses the land.
Tokens required for operation upgrades can be used preferentially in the land treasury.

After the land is upgraded, you will get:

  • Increase the daily profit limit.
  • Increase the energy limit.
  • Improve the basic properties of land.
  • Increase user capacity.
  • Increase the capacity limit of the treasury.
  • Open gem sockets.
  • Open specific industries gameplays.

Industry Gameplays

Lands with different landforms and qualities can open up different industrial gameplay in the future.
Gameplay modules that are currently planned are:

  • Lottery
  • Lucky Draw
  • Casino
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Exchange
  • Horse Racing
  • Fishing
  • Adventure

Land owners will have the freedom to operate a part of the industry that has already been opened.
It will be possible to configure some key values ​​through the management interface.
Additional revenue from gameplay will go directly to the land treasury.

WIS V1.140 FAQs

Everyone has moved to legendary land, so what's the point of ordinary land? Ordinary land has low income and has to pay taxes, but private land has no higher income than wasteland?

At present, the gain of level 0 land is small, but it will not be lower than the original land.
Different types of land will generate gains for different attributes of PFP,
and different types of industries can be opened in the future.
The quality type affects the industry type and the grade of some industry types.

The attributes of the land can weaken and enhance the attributes of the PFP? Is there a comparison table currently available?

A checklist will be published at a later date.

I chose Legendary Land to join the movement, but what is the advantage of not seeing the benefits over public land?

At present, the income increase of level 0 is small, but it will not be lower than the original land.

Now the price of UMT is nearly 10 times higher than that of WIST, many users cannot open the loot box

In terms of basic gameplay, we are considering a mode with WIST as the main consumption and UMT as the supplementary consumption.
If the adjustment is large, a vote will be used to decide whether to implement the change and the scope of the change.
In addition, it will also be determined by voting whether to release UMT from the ecological reserve and enter the market at an appropriate speed.

Is it possible to improve the smart contract of WIST, add the DEFI transaction function and set a transaction fee of about 3%?

We will gradually increase the incentives for users who provide defi exchange pools. Including economic and rights.
In addition, the gameplay of the land will allow users to build exchange pools and customize the rate.

The economic model is currently not conducive to user income, can the project team seriously consider adjusting it?

Regarding the Token-related economic model, it will be revised when the subsequent system modules are launched one after another.
At present, the system of PFP Mint has not been opened (it will be opened after the Core mainnet goes online as planned), which will greatly affect the value of WIST.
We will consider testing the PFP Mint system before the Core mainnet launch.

After the CORE mainnet is launched, can we transfer the WIS and land NFTs on the BSC chain to CORE? Or users of BNB and CORE can play together?

Users holding NFTs of different blockchains will be able to play games together in the same game environment,
We do not plan to split different server operations on different chains.

Is it possible to know how much land has been minted so far?

Yes, the current contract address of the land is:
WIS Land Contract
And we will add a quantity display to the land mint activity interface.

Is it possible to know how many people are moving in a land and who are there? How much is the upper limit at the same time?

Not currently, but will see it later.
The maximum number of people in the land will be related to the land level and quality.

The land size of the same common level varies a lot. How do these sizes affect the land?

Each value of the land has an impact on future gameplay.
Different values will affect different gameplay.
Some parts of the system design team already have plans and solutions, and some parts of the gameplay will be discussed with the community.

Is there a big difference between sea land and land land for sports?

Terrain type will mainly have an impact on future land gameplay.
For example, the land club can open the game of horse racing, and the ocean can open the game of fishing.

How to upgrade land?

This feature will be opened in subsequent minor version upgrades.
Mainly will need to contribute value and Token to upgrade.
Tokens required for upgrades can be used preferentially in the land treasury.

Land is currently taxed very little. How is the tax received calculated?

The land extra income will be related to the land level.
At present, the land upgrade function has not been opened, and the impact will be small at level 0.
In addition, the income of the land treasury will not be deducted from the original income of the user, but will be additionally produced.

How do land attributes and PFP attributes stack up to increase the income of PFP?

Level 0 land is randomly increased to 0.5% to 5% of the PFP attribute when calculating the income according to a certain percentage.
The upgraded land will be increased according to the value of the land, and the increased income will be calculated on this basis.

Aren't there 2100 land NFTs? Why is the number above #7000?

The total amount of land NFTs on BSC is 2100.
The mint method of land is not issued in a sequential number, but a lot of IDs are generated in advance.
Then randomly draw from the IDs pool according to the level of the Land Mint Ticket.
So the ID number number will be greater than the total supply.
The rules of each minting event will be different, and not every minting event can get high-quality land.

Some users have UMT transferred from cloud wallet as BEP-20 but not received?

We have added queries for records of WIST and UMT usage.
If there is a usage record of the cloud wallet, but no record is generated on the blockchain, it can generally be solved by clicking the retry button.
Please make sure that the retry has enough bnb as gas fee.
If the retry cannot solve the problem, you can contact the team staff to assist in withdrawing the withdrawal ticket.

In addition, after the UMT withdrawal test in the previous stage, we have further released the test scope of UMT withdrawal.
Now users only need to equip LV30 WIS NFT to withdraw UMT. (No longer requires LV3 level certification)

The problem of WIST deposit not arriving in time on August 11?

The deposit service of WIS relies on direct communication between the BSC node RPC and the subgraph indexer service. This is similar in design to services such as PancakeSwap, which also experience similar situations when they encounter communication delays. When the data communication of the indexer is delayed, it will lead to a longer time for the recharge to arrive. But don't worry, as long as the blockchain transaction exists, it will automatically resume.

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