Plans for the Core Mainnet

After months of waiting and preparation, the Core blockchain Mainnet is soon to be launched. During this waiting period, the WIS project has received support from many members of the community and the team has made significant design and technical preparations for the Mainnet launch.

Upon the launch of the Core Mainnet, the WIS project will:

  • Wait for the CoreDAO project to complete the airdrop of Core tokens and acquire the tokens needed to pay for the fees required to deploy contracts on the Mainnet.

  • Deploy the UMT and WIST token contracts, as well as the corresponding indexing and validator services, on the Core Mainnet.

  • Complete the deployment of cross-chain bridges, allowing users to transfer UMT and WIST tokens between the BSC network and the corresponding tokens on the Core network.

  • Deploy the WIS NFT contract, as well as the corresponding indexing service, on the Core Mainnet.

  • Wait for Core tokens to be listed on some exchanges and for their value to be discovered before launching the reserved NFT casting activity on the Core network.

  • After the NFT casting on the Core network is complete, deploy the Core network NFT marketplace and WIS application services.

In addition to updates related to WIS, the WIS team will be entering into a deep partnership with the OpenEX protocol upon the launch of the wallet app. OpenEX is a revolutionary open trading protocol that enables seamless, unauthorized access to services and fully transparent, verifiable data. Using L2 acceleration technology, OpenEX offers trading speeds that are comparable to centralized exchanges while maintaining a high level of security through its openness and transparency. OpenEX is compatible with all smart contract-enabled blockchain ecosystems and can easily be integrated into any application or service. The WIS team is excited to see the potential for growth and innovation that this partnership with OpenEX brings.

The OpenEX Network team will complete the development, deployment, and operation of the protocol layer, while the WIS team will build the user interface for the web and app for user interaction. UMT and WIST, as early available value tokens on the Core Mainnet, will participate in trading tests on the OpenEX protocol. Additionally, the OpenEX protocol will reserve a certain number of OEX tokens for airdrops to users who participate in trading pairs involving UMT and WIST.

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