V1.140 will be released on August 10th

The complexity of version 1.140 is higher than originally expected due to the addition of the voting system. This version is currently undergoing final adjustment and testing. We plan to release this version on August 10th. Thank you to all community members for your patience.

For the content of the version except the voting system, please check the preview article:

Voting system

During the development of WIS, we received a lot of feedback and opinions from the community.
The voting system was developed to better implement the opinions of the community into the product roadmap.

In the voting system, there will be an important value of voting power (VP).
VP will come from the following actions:

  • Tokens burned include UMT and WIST.
  • Burned and used gems.
  • Owned UMT and WIST. (Cloud Wallet)
  • Owned Cake-LP tokens of UMT-BNB and WIST-BNB. (BEP-20)
  • Owned WIS NFTs.
  • Owned WIS Lands.

In the test version of the voting system, considering the unification of the aggregation and expression of opinions, the team will initiate proposals. In future versions, users whose VP reaches the preset value will be able to initiate proposals.
Each proposal will calculate the VP value of each address and form a snapshot after the voting time ends.
The team will make continuous improvements to the development roadmap for future development and operations based on the proposed voting status.

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