W is for ?³

W is for ?

During the preparation of the iOS version, the team had a lot of discussions and reflections.
We had a quick feature iteration some time ago.
And now we need more in-depth design thinking.

Any involution is only meaningful if it is based on a correct revolution.

ETH is gradually becoming centralized and capital-friendly after the new version is merged. We will gradually increase the application support for the Core ecosystem, while weakening the investment in the ETH and BSC ecosystems. In the future, the assets of BSC will also be equivalently mapped to the Core blockchain.

Recent project adjustment plan

  • AppStore policy adjustment affects the progress of the app's launch. The features of the version currently under review will remain unchanged for the time being, so planned feature updates will be delayed.

Your app accesses digital content purchased outside the app, such as NFTs, but that content isn't available to purchase using in-app purchase.

The WIP version will be updated on 10.15

Wallet³ Apps

  • A secure, lightweight Web3 wallet designed for the Core ecosystem

  • Optimized startup speed, start within seconds

  • Directly connect to Core blockchain RPC nodes

  • A Chrome plugin will be provided in the future

  • Governance Token is UMT

  • Expected to go live by the end of October

Write³ app

  • A Web3 application that provides publishing and trading of literary rights

  • Longer term NFT asset value

  • Make it easy for users to create and sell content

  • Governance Token is UMT

  • Expected to go live in mid-November

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