WIP-0: Tokenomics dynamic adjustment

Improvement purpose

WIP-0 proposes improvement plans for the value, output and consumption of WIST and UMT.
The core improvement direction revolves around improving the stability of user acquisition of value and encouraging long-term community supporters.
Some of the adjustment suggestions come from the opinions of community members, and some are originally designed in the WIS white paper.
Community members can participate in the voting to decide whether to make the following changes through the WIS App or the official WIS voting page.

WIST adjustment

According to feedback from the community, the current design of WIST's related economic system is not conducive to user value gains.
The following adjustments are planned:

  • The WIST acquisition cap will be based on the currently used WIS PFP quality, with an additional cap.
  • All values ​​of WIST-related output and consumption will be halved to increase the value of WIST obtained by early test users.

UMT adjustment

In the early stage of testing, due to insufficient output of UMT.
When the price of BNB rises, it causes UMT to keep up with the price of BNB, which is too fast compared to the price of USD.
The following adjustments are planned:

  • UMT acquisition cap will be based on the quality of Land NFTs, and additional caps will be obtained.
  • UMT related base consumption will be dynamically adjusted according to the price.

Other adjustments

According to the original plan of the white paper, automatic adjustment of WIST and UMT consumption will be gradually turned on.

  • The basic consumption ratio of WIST and UMT will be adjusted periodically according to the price ratio.
  • The longer it takes to withdraw from the address, the higher the additional WIST and UMT income will be obtained.
  • Gradually add the token into WIST-BNB pool from the reserved WIST to enhance the stability of the community WIST exchange pool.
  • Gradually add the token into UMT-BNB pool according to the consumption and output from the UMT reserved for the economic system, further enhance the stability of the UMT exchange pool, and appropriately control the price growth rate.
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