WIS Open Beta 1.140 Preview

Here are some previews for the upcoming 1.140 release, including the Land system, new gameplay, and more.

⚠️Note: We just updated version 1.134, which fixed some bugs and optimized the user experience. We recommend everyone to upgrade.

Land system

The Land asset will be a very important NFT asset in the WIS Metaverse.
It will provide a lot of functionality, as well as rich future extensibility.
The Land system will also start basic social functions for the WIS ecosystem.

WIS Metaverse
WIS Metaverse

The benefits of owning Land

  • New POW Studio gameplay can be opened after owning Land.
  • Players who do not have their own Land temporarily can choose to settle in a certain Land. The player will receive Land's attribute bonus. At the same time, the income of the player will also allow the Land owner to receive a percentage reward.
  • Players who settle in Land will get Contribution Points by contributing loot boxes and gems, which will also increase Land's resource points.
  • Resource points can upgrade the level of the Land, improve the properties of the Land, and at the same time increase the total number of players that the Land can accommodate.
  • There is a daily cap for Land owners to obtain a percentage gain, and the cap is affected by the Land level. Land revenue will be temporarily stored in the Land treasury, and the owner can withdraw it at any time.
  • Land owners will receive additional discounted prices when participating in future PFP Minting Events.

Land mint rules

Lands in various areas of the WIS Metaverse map will gradually open mint. The first batch of sales is 100 pieces, which are distributed in different coordinate areas according to different qualities.
Users who hold WIS NFT can use different levels of rainbow gems and a certain amount of WIST and UMT to exchange for a Land Mint Ticket (LMT).
Each WIS NFT can only get one Land Mint Ticket in one Land Minting Event.
Each WIS NFT can get up to 5 Land Mint Tickets in the Land Minting Event at different times.

Land Mint Ticket has different quality levels:

  • Common level:
    Probability of obtaining the quality of Land: 95% for Common, 4.5% for Uncommon, 0.5% for Rare
  • Uncommon level:
    Probability of obtaining the quality of Land: 95% for Uncommon, 4.5% for Rare, 0.5% for Epic
  • Rare level:
    Probability of obtaining the quality of Land: 95% for Rare, 4.5% for Epic, 0.5% for Legendary
  • Epic rating:
    Probability of obtaining the quality of Land: 95% for Epic, 5% for Legendary
  • Legendary level:
    Probability of obtaining the quality of Land: 100% Legendary

After using Ticket, all properties of Land can be seen before mint operation on the blockchain.
When mint on the blockchain, you need to pay a certain amount of BNB, and the BNB you need to pay is related to the quality of the land.

The fees of WIST, UMT, and BNB are all affected by the quality level of WIS NFT.

  • 10% discount for Common WIS NFTs.
  • 20% discount for Uncommon WIS NFTs.
  • 30% discount for Rare WIS NFTs.
  • 40% discount for Epic WIS NFTs.
  • 50% discount for Legendary WIS NFTs.

The price discount for WIS NFTs will remain the same in every Land Mint Event.

Land Marketplace (WIS App)

Land Marketplace will be first launched in the WIS App with simple sorting and quality filtering functions.
Land is an NFT on the chain and will only support BNB transactions initially.
Land can be freely traded through any third-party market that supports BNB.
The official Web Land Marketplace will also be launched in subsequent updates, and a world map will be provided for users to browse.

The Rainbow Gems are required to obtain the Land Mint Ticket (LMT).

  • Common level LMT
    Requires Level 2 Rainbow Gems, 1000 WIST and 500 UMT to redeem.
    0.4BNB is required to use LMT.
  • Uncommon level LMT
    Requires Level 3 Rainbow Gems, 2000 WIST and 1000 UMT to redeem.
    0.6BNB is required to use LMT.
  • Rare-level LMT
    Requires Level 4 Rainbow Gems, 3000 WIST and 1500 UMT to redeem.
    0.8BNB is required to use LMT.
  • Epic-level LMT
    Requires Level 4 Rainbow Gems, 6000 WIST and 3000 UMT to exchange.
    1.6BNB is required to use LMT.
  • Legendary level LMT
    Requires Level 5 Rainbow Gems, 9000 WIST and 4500 UMT to exchange.
    2.4BNB is required to use LMT.

The prices described above are non-discounted prices.


If you hold a Legendary-level WIS NFT and you want to acquire a Common-level LMT.
The required resources are as follows: 1 Level 2 Rainbow Gem + 500 WIST + 250 UMT.
The BNB required for mint operation on the blockchain using LMT is 0.2BNB.

During the Land Minting Event, there will be a limited-time gem exchange.

  • Level 1 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 0 rainbow gem.
  • Level 2 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 1 rainbow gem.
  • Level 3 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 2 rainbow gem.
  • Level 4 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 3 rainbow gem.
  • Level 5 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 4 rainbow gem.
  • Level 6 gems of any color can be exchanged for 1 level 5 rainbow gem.


The WIS Party we provide is a move to earn game.
Gem Hunter is a casual puzzle game.
The POW Studio brought by version 1.140 will be a business idle game.

In the real universe, many of our users also need to consume energy for busy work and life.
In the WIS Metaverse, we hope to provide a more casual gameplay that can adjust the rhythm of everyone's life game.

Users who own Land, regardless of the quality level of Land, can participate in POW Studio's gameplay.
Users can increase the registered capital of Studio to increase the rate of return, from the basic 50% work efficiency to 200%.
Depending on the studio's registered capital, different studio venue sizes will be obtained, and the number of NFTs that can participate in POW at the same time will also vary.
The attributes of all NFTs participating in POW will affect the settlement of income, and will also consume the vitality value of multiple NFTs at the same time.
The registered capital will also determine the upper limit of offline earnings. Yes, POW Studio allows users to get certain benefits even offline.
During the earning process of POW Studio, resource points dedicated to the Land system will be generated. This value is equivalent to the resource points contributed by other users on Land, which can be used for Land upgrade.

Users who do not own Land yet

Users who have not obtained Land temporarily will keep the default system Land to play the game. However, the rate of return cannot be improved by Land attributes, and contribution points cannot be obtained by contributing loot boxes and gems, nor can they provide resource points for Land.
But users can choose to migrate to a favorite Land. After the migration, the profitability of all gameplay will be improved by the Land attribute.
Migration costs WIST, and the price is related to the migration interval, the more frequent the migration, the higher the price.
Contribution points can be earned by donating loot boxes and gems after migrating to any Land. At the same time, the Land will get resource points.
Contribution points will remain on the user address after being migrated to other lands.
All the income of the user on a certain Land will also allow the owner of the Land to obtain a certain percentage of the income. Benefits include WIST, UMT and Land resource points.

Follow-up plans:

We are very happy to work with everyone in the community to gradually build a Web3 application and ecosystem from scratch.

Here are some of the application layer and protocol layer products the team hopes to build for the #WIS community in the near term.


We have built a bit step by step, and there is still a lot waiting for us to continue to complete. Let's step from Web2 to Web3 together.

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