Bankless Metaversal FAQ
  • What’s Metaversal?

    • Written by me, William Peaster, senior writer + NFT lead at Bankless.

    • It’s a tri-weekly newsletter tracking and teaching around the NFT frontier sent every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    • Posts go out to +270,000 readers and counting.

  • What are the Tuesday and Thursday piece formats?

  • Can I submit my project’s NFT news for consideration?

    • Yes! I’m interested in covering NFT project news, e.g. new app features, in my Tuesday or Thursday editions.

    • No guarantees or paid placements — if I independently deem the development is a fit and scheduling permits, I’ll get to work on a full write-up.

    • Reach out with info or press releases to, and I’ll review async from there.

    • I’m happy to accept any content embargos!

  • What are the Friday piece formats?

    • Friday posts are a "weekly roundup" format.

    • Example: Perp’s Pause? Pixel’s Pump

    • For these posts I independently curate and highlight a range of interesting tidbits from that particular week around the NFT frontier.

    • Any news/happenings submitted to me that don’t receive a full Tues./Thurs. write-up will be considered for inclusion in that week’s Friday roundup.

    • Beyond general news, each roundup has various specialty segments like a Fresh Mints section and Tool Tip of the week.

    • Send relevant info for consideration to

Example of a "Fresh Mints" highlight
Example of a "Fresh Mints" highlight
  • Does Metaversal accept guest post submissions?

    • Yes! I’m happy to review any guest post submissions.

    • Submit on spec please — no publication guarantees. Feel free to email me beforehand if you’d like me to vibe check draft ideas.

    • Content should be informative or analytical; nothing promotional or shilly will be accepted.

    • Submit drafts to for consideration.

  • What are the writer’s holdings?

    • Main crypto holding: ETH.

    • I’ve also got smaller positions in coins like ARB, OP, SOL, etc.

    • Main NFT holdings: currently fini and Blitnauts, I’m also looking to pick up another Terraform or two right now.

  • What if my project’s interested in sponsoring Metaversal?

  • What if my project’s interested in appearing on the Bankless podcast?

  • What if I’ve got a question not covered here?

    • Feel free to reach out!

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