WOAI/Zero Minting Begins September 6, 2022

World of AI is proud to announce its first collection starts minting on September 6th at 12:00 UTC. Named “Zero”, the collection of 2500 NFTs allows its holders to generate an image using DALL-E 2. By giving control of the art to the collective hive mind of NFT enthusiasts, Zero aims to become the most varied and diverse NFT collection to date.

Launching on Ethereum, you can mint & generate Zeros at woai.io or by accessing the smart contract at 0x0eAbED78fd49AD3c0A3e445954f29522025c09A0. For a price of 0.05 Ether, you can take part in the largest [AI × user input] NFT experiment to date. Each NFT grants the holder the right to record a 256 -character message on the blockchain which will be used to generate an image using OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. If the image is generated successfully, it gets attached to the NFT irrevocably.

**We certainly have no idea how this experiment will turn out - but we are keen to see what ideas our community can come up with! Be sure to join WOAI on Twitter and Discord.

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