Welcome to WOAI

There’s one thing I’m passionate about; crypto. There’s one I’m very interested in but have never had the time to dig deeper into; AI. Especially, image generation with AI.

Now, I’m combining these two as I embark on a journey to learn more about AI and blockchain development. I have a long history of working on various crypto projects from mining to institutional credit to DeFi derivatives. However, I have never been in a truly technical role. With WOAI, I hope to dive deeper into full-stack blockchain development than ever before. What I hope to present to you with WOAI is a journey of learning about AI and a 0-to-1 journey on full-stack blockchain development.

What WOAI is, above all, an experiment combining AI and the crowd-sourced hive mind of NFT enthusiasts. There are no guarantees, there are no promises. I am not committed to this full-time, I am here mostly to learn and express my personal artistic preferences. 


The inaugural World of AI collection, WOAI/Zero, is launching on Sep 6th, 2022. WOAI/Zero will be the first NFT collection utilising OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to create NFTs from user-determined messages. 

With up to 256 characters of freedom and a maximum supply of 2500 NFTs, I hope to see a wide range of ideas getting expressed and stored as NFTs. The WOAI/Zero mint price will be 0.05 Ether which covers the costs of DALL-E 2 credits, storage, and servers for years.


It’s much more fun to build together. We welcome everyone to join our communities on Twitter and Discord. You can visit our website at woai.io and read more about the project at docs.woai.io.

Developers can find our code at https://github.com/WOAI-project. All contributions and insights are highly welcomed. WOAI will be setting aside some NFTs from the projects to show our gratitude towards positive-sum community members.

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