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November 16th, 2021

Your DAO just raised 250 ETH.

You celebrate, but you barely have time to soak it in because you jump right to work.

All is going great, until tasks start getting lost in Discord.

Some people aren’t getting paid and you can’t keep up with the demand for new contributors.

You start scrambling.

You’re frantically messaging Discord channels, pinging private Telegram chats, scouring Airtable, and building new Google Sheets.

It’s pure chaos in the metaverse.

But it’s not your fault.

It’s because there are no native web3 project management tools.

DAOs are changing the world, and we want to help

Wonder just raised ~$2.5m to create an all-in-one tool that empowers DAOs to launch and scale projects on a native web3 platform.

Wonder’s task management system allows DAOs to intuitively organize projects, pay contributors with their native token, and onboard new members with ease.

While Zuck is busy building his dystopian VR empire, the web3 ecosystem is already functioning as an open and thriving metaverse.

Millions of people are participating in democratized financial activities (DeFi), redefining culture and ownership (NFT), and running self-governing organizations (DAOs).

While DeFi and NFTs have slightly more developed ecosystems, DAOs are still in nascent stages. We believe DAOs will change the future of work and pave the way for the cooperation economy.

In the future, individuals will be empowered to follow their interests and contribute to multiple projects. Just as investors diversify their portfolios, contributors will be able to do the same with their commitments (PartyDAO, MetaCartel).

Starting a DAO is like assembling the Avengers. The Avengers fight for a universal cause (usually saving the world). Similarly, you can come up with a mission for a DAO to achieve, launch, and start working with people across the globe in minutes.

The cooperation economy will not only benefit individuals but also enable DAOs to be more dynamic and acquire higher-level talent by lowering the commitment required of each participant.

With all that said, we’re still in the early innings of this new future. DAOs are flying at 1,000 miles per hour while still assembling their planes.

Finding peace in the Metaverse

There’s a lack of DAO-specific tools and management frameworks.

DAOs are still using a mixture of private Discord channels, Airtable, Notion, and Google Sheets to manage distributed teams and projects worth billions of dollars.

Wonder is building the necessary infrastructure for DAOs to win:

  • Intuitive task management: Build task workflows, configure permissions and coordinate transparently across teams. We are building task management not just for product/engineering teams, but also for designers, community managers, and writers.
  • Ease of collaboration: Whether it’s a group of friends starting a new project or DAOs working with each other, we make it easy to launch new joint initiatives.
  • Payment and incentives: Not only should contributors be compensated, but the value attribution to different tasks should be transparent to ensure fairness. We also want to encourage great, timely work through tipping and time decaying rewards after deadlines.
  • Seamless onboarding: Very often members join a Discord, introduce themselves, and are then left wondering what to do next. We help members and contributors onboard by setting onboarding tasks.
  • Gamified experience: Through token rewards and social mechanisms we want to make work and project management fun. Contributors should look forward to completing tasks, posting updates, and engaging with our tools.

The future of work and play

Our long-term vision at Wonder is to help people self-actualize by doing work they love. By moving people up Maslow’s hierarchy, we want to help the next generation of builders, creators and learners find meaning and form lasting impact through their projects.

Our first step to achieve this vision is by helping DAOs organize more efficiently to better enable the cooperation economy.

Want to help us build the future?

Join our waitlist to get 10 $WONDER tokens for free.

We have a long list of people to thank: our lead investor Chapter One, Village Global, Slow Ventures, Spartan Group, Lattice Capital, SneakyVC, FJ Labs, Dapper Labs, Basecamp fund, Tess Ventures, as well as our superstar angels 0xSisyphus, Jason Choi, Brian Flynn, Andy Artz, Kipp Bodnar, Richard Dai, Chris Quinn, and Eric Scott Lavin.

Thank you for believing in us.

If you're starting a project, operating a DAO, or are just interested in our vision and what we're working on, please join our Discord and follow our Twitter (our DMs are always open).

We will be operating as a DAO that is progressively decentralizing so we'll be welcoming contributors who actively participate in our discord and adding them to our core team.

We look forward to building the future of work and play with you 🤝🔥🙏

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