WOOFi Pro x Orderly: airdrop heaven for perps traders

Orderly: the liquidity layer

Orderly Network is a decentralized omnichain order book protocol that provides high-speed trading infrastructure for teams looking to add perpetual futures or spot trading to their products without having to build a bunch of complicated stuff to make it work.

Instead of wasting time and resources on building out front ends from scratch, Orderly harnesses a plug-and-play UX, giving traders quick access to new liquidity sources. As of today, Orderly has facilitated over $15 billion in cumulative trading volume across its protocol.

It’s time for Orderly Merits

In mid-March, the Orderly Network team announced the launch of “The Road to The Order” program – a gamified campaign where traders earn "Merits" and compete for their share of Orderly Network’s upcoming native token, set to be launched later this year.

While the team hasn’t yet confirmed what percentage of the supply will be airdropped to traders, the team said “a significant portion” of its token’s supply will be airdropped this year based on their ranking in the program.

WOOFi Pro: the farmer’s dream

This is where things get really good for WOOFi Pro traders.

Because WOOFi Pro was the first decentralized trading platform to integrate Orderly Network’s EVM-compatible omnichain infrastructure, it means that WOOFi Pro traders can fully participate in Orderly’s airdrop campaign and earn Merits simply by trading on the WOOFi Pro platform.

TLDR: By trading on WOOFi Pro, not only are you able to farm Merits with the lowest fees of any perps protocol on Orderly, but you’re also getting bonus Galxe points on top by claiming Underwater Trader NFTs.

The more you trade on WOOFi Pro, the more Merits you earn on Orderly – increasing your chances of receiving a heftier Orderly token allocation.

On WOOFi Pro, you maintain full self-custody of your assets while still trading effortlessly (none of those pesky gas fees).

WOOFi Pro enables traders to deposit collateral from 4 major EVM chains in one transaction, reducing almost all sources of friction and dropping gas fees to a few cents.

Additionally, staking WOO allows WOOFi Pro traders to boost their trading tier and reduce fees on the platform. The more WOO you stake, the lower your fees and the more you increase your cost-basis for farming Orderly Merits.

WOOFi Pro fee tiers
WOOFi Pro fee tiers


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