Work in Fintech partners with the Centre of Fintech at the University of East London

Work in Fintech are delighted to partner with the University of East London and the Royal Docks School of Business & Law with the new Centre of FinTech. The Centre of FinTech aims to build a pipeline of talent that facilitates the global digital economy.

Work in Fintech co-founder Matthew Cheung was invited to sit on the strategic advisory board of the new Centre of FinTech advising on course design and student career development, becoming an entrepreneur-in-residence and raising the profile of the university.

The Centre aims to increase the exposure of students to the world of FinTech, and in so doing, prepare them for the world of work and help them discover the exciting roles available.

Professor Mohammad Ali, Dean of the Royal Docks School of Business & Law stated, “We feel privileged to have alliances with many prominent FinTech industry partners, and together we hope to drive innovation and growth in the sector.” 

Matthew Cheung, Co-founder of Work in Fintech commented “The FinTech industry is evolving at a great pace, working with UEL, we will help invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, ensuring the talent is flowing into this important sector for the UK economy.” 

The launch was held at the Houses of Parliament where both Matthew and Chief Evangelist Benyamin Ahmed were in attendance.

Work in Fintech Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at the Houses of Parliament
Work in Fintech Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at the Houses of Parliament
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