NFT Events During Hottest Week In London

Benyamin Ahmed

We might have just had the hottest week in UK history but that did not keep the London NFT crowd indoors.

After attending Lisbon and NYC I was keen to participate in an event in my home town, London.

I was fortunate to speak at not one but three London based events in the same week. On Tuesday 19th July, exactly one year after the launch of Weird Whales, I spoke to a full-house at web3 London in the stunning Microsoft Reactor building.

Organised by Gerard Sans, I spoke about my journey into NFTs and listened to talks by Lauren Ingram, Pauline from Unik Labs and Irina Liakh.

Pauline delivered an interesting talk on fashion in the metaverse: $1bn+ spent on skins in Fortnite, 1 in 5 Roblox users update their avatars daily with 3B gamers now globally. Huge market with huge margins!

On Thursday I was invited to speak at the stunning Magna Carta House by Chana Kanzen.

I was also fortunate to bump into Ricky O’Donnell, Weird Whales holder and a huge supporter of young talent in this space.

Great venue, great weather and the perfect opportunity to make new friends.

On Thursday evening we headed-off into town where we were hosted by the Tech Circus team for The Global NFT Summit Speakers Dinner.

On Friday, we attended The Global NFT Summit. I spoke about web3 data and analytics and provided a demo using NFTGo.

Benyamin Playing With NFTGo
Benyamin Playing With NFTGo

Bumped into Lady of Crypto and talked about my journey.

I also met Sebastian Borget from Sandbox and Robby Yung from Animoca Brands. Two huge personalities in the metaverse space.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Robby when we arrange to host him on the Work in Fintech podcast, as expected, he has an immense amount of knowledge around gaming, web3 and metaverse.

At the after talks networking events I met Oliver Phelps from Harry Potter fame. We had an interesting talk about my story and he was genuinely interested in the NFT space.

As we are continuously told, the crossover between film and NFTs will be a revolutionary moment for the industry.

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