How to Break Into Web3 as a Non-Coder with Web3 Global Lead at Microsoft

Web3 technology is an emerging field that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet and with each other.

Vassilis Tziokas (@TziokasV), the global lead for Web3 business development and strategy at Microsoft, is part of a team working to explore and realize the potential of this technology. Tziokas's team is responsible for developing a GTM (Go-to-Market) strategy for Microsoft in the web3 space, working with engineering, sales, marketing, and other teams to execute high impact partnerships and bring the strategy to life.

Tziokas has a background in business strategy and marketing, and has worked in various roles focused on sales strategy and GTM efforts at Microsoft. However, his interest in Web3 began as a personal passion outside of work. He spent his free time reading, learning, and contributing to the web3 space, and eventually formed a team at Microsoft with like-minded individuals who also believed in the potential of this technology. Tziokas believes that many people in the Web3 space, including those at large enterprises like Microsoft, are motivated by a philosophical passion for the technology.

Before working at Microsoft, Tziokas started his career in marketing at a mobile technology company called Upstream. In this role, he focused on lead generation, PR, and advertising efforts to build brand awareness and drive sales. Tziokas also worked at a startup, where he learned about the importance of agility and adaptability in a fast-moving environment. He then moved on to a consulting firm, where he helped clients with their digital transformation efforts.

Tziokas believes that web3 has the potential to drive social and economic change, and is excited to be part of a team at Microsoft working to explore and realize this potential. He cites the ability for web3 to enable peer-to-peer interactions and the potential for new business models as examples of the transformative power of this technology.

For those interested in getting into the field of web3, Tziokas advises deep diving into the technology out of personal interest and building a strong foundation of knowledge. He also recommends staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the field, as well as developing skills in areas such as sales and marketing, which can be helpful in bringing web3 technologies to market. Tziokas also suggests keeping an eye on the potential applications of generative AI, as this technology has the potential to drive significant innovation in the Web3 space.

Overall, Tziokas believes that Web3 is an exciting and rapidly evolving field with endless potential, and he encourages those interested in this technology to get involved and be part of shaping its future.

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Podcast highlights:

7:23 - Getting ahead in web3 as a non-coder

11:15 - What is the web3 on-ramp for enterprise companies (tokenisation, NFTs, data and analytics)

15:11 - What is the direction of travel for web3 in big enterprise companies

16:26 - Web 2.5, the bridge

18:33 - Vassilis talks about sales and marketing and what is GTM and sales enablement

20:52 - How to build a solid foundation in your career before moving into GTM

25:34 - How can generative AI, like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, help sales and marketing

31:32 - Insights and advice for people who want to get into web3

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