How to ReFi v0.1(Chinese Version): A co-creation experiment

Hi ReFiers!

We are ReFi 101, a co-creation group that has completed the first Chinese version of "How to ReFi v0.1".

We believe that ReFi will become one of the most significant areas in Web3.

Please refer to this link to read it.

It is definitely not a perfect version, so very very welcome to join us to update it and extend it if you are professional or interested in ReFi.

You can also read the following article👇 to know more about our co-creation story.

Why do we want to co-create a ReFi guidebook?

"ReFi" refers to the regenerative finance movement in Web3. However, it is not merely a financial movement; it utilizes decentralized finance, Web3 tools, and even a novel mindset to address pressing issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and social injustice.

Fortunately, many individuals have delved into this domain, and a considerable amount of excellent work has been accomplished.

Regrettably, there is little to no discussion about ReFi in Chinese communities. Several factors may contribute to this situation.

Firstly, people might lack an understanding of ReFi's core mission, real-world context, and objectives, mistakenly perceiving it as just another Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, during the initial stages of ReFi development, it has often been closely associated with the carbon market, but many people lack basic knowledge about carbon credits or carbon markets. Additionally, numerous Web3 practitioners are unsure about the specific areas they can explore within the ReFi space. Last but not least, language barriers do exist.

In light of these factors and inspired by remarkable individuals and organizations such as John Ellison(@climateXcrypto) and Monty Merlin Bryant(@MontyMerlin) from ReFi DAO(@refidaoist), Kolektivo(@Kolektivo), Ben West(@BenWest) and Kevin Owocki(@owocki) from Gitcoin, and Ecosapiens(@ecosapiensxyz)… we decided to embark on a co-creation journey in early March. Our goal is to develop a ReFi guidebook for those interested in ReFi but unsure of where to begin. This guidebook may be the first systematic introduction to ReFi within the Chinese community, and while it certainly is not perfect, it serves as a valuable starting point.

What do we have done?

1. Set up a co-creating group

We initiate a co-creation proposal in a ReFi learning group set up by Liumu. About 15 people joined in. After an online discussion about the frame of this guidebook and several times of quitting and joining, we officially formed the current ReFi 101 group, 11 people.

all co-creators in the first phase of co-creation
all co-creators in the first phase of co-creation
division of responsibilities
division of responsibilities

2. Co-created a ReFi guidebook

As of 24, April, we have added 43 knowledge pages, in total 58,014 words. There were over 2321 times collaborations and 1232 edits.

co-creation results
co-creation results

3. Acquired ReFi Knowledge and Forged Friendships

To be honest, none of us were ReFi experts prior to this co-creation. In fact, some of us had never even heard of ReFi before. This meant that we had to research and read numerous materials to write the content. As a result, we believe that many of us have become knowledgeable about ReFi after this co-creation.

Moreover, we didn't know each other before this collaboration, but now we at least know who shares an interest in ReFi and is familiar with the specific content.

Evidently, it serves as a publicly accessible introduction to ReFi. Many Chinese developers or researchers can learn about ReFi through this guidebook if they were not previously familiar with it.

There is a scarcity of ReFi-related projects so far compared with other applications, such as DeFi, so we believe this guidebook can actively assist Chinese developers and researchers in exploring ReFi more effectively.

If you have read this far, thank you so much, and welcome to join us. You can connect with Liumu via Twitter(@WuLiumu) or WeChat (WuQianni0613) if you are interested in ReFi.

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