Partnership with NTT Digital

Dear X2Y2 community,

We are thrilled to announce that we have agreed to a partnership with NTT Digital.

Last year, we announced strategic alliance with a multi-chain NFT marketplace tofuNFT.

And we, tofuNFT and X2Y2, are building alliance business with enterprise companies to create new use cases for NFTs.

NTT Digital is NTT DOCOMO’s new subsidiary, and they will serve as a web3 enabler at a global scale to create a safe, user-friendly environment for individuals and businesses to use cutting-edge digital technologies, including blockchain.

We will collaborate with NTT Digital, supporting system development and business operation, using the knowledge and expertise of tofuNFT and X2Y2.

Together with NTT Digital, we will continue to promote the creation, popularization, and implementation of web3 use cases in society.

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