How to Refinance NFT Loan on X2Y2

X2Y2 is a NFT lending platform that offers a variety of loan options. In this article, we will introduce the "Refinance" feature.

Once borrowers have agreed to the loan terms and borrowed money through X2Y2, they can extend or replace their existing contracts at any time.

If borrowers want to continue borrowing WETH before the loan contract expires, they can apply for an extension.

It is worth noting that an extension is not a renewal of the original offer but a replacement with a new offer. The WETH obtained from the new offer will be used to repay the loan from the original offer, thus extending the borrowing time and providing an opportunity to obtain better interest rates and conditions. This can help users reduce their burdens, save interest expenses, or change repayment periods.

The X2Y2 interface displays all refinance options for loans based on the NFT collateralized for lending. The information will list the loan value, repayment amount, loan interest rate (daily), duration, and other information, making it easy for borrowers to compare.

To use the Refinance feature, follow these steps:

1. Select the offer that needs to be extended in "My Loans—Borrow" and click "Refinance".

2. On the "Refinance my loan" page, you will see all refinance options for this NFT on the site. Differences in loan amounts, interest rates, etc. will be displayed for your reference. Please "check" the offers you want to replace according to your needs

3. After selecting the offer, click "Review" to see a detailed comparison of the original loan terms and the updated terms from the new offer.After confirming that everything is correct, click "Borrow" to extend the loan. If you want to change the offer, you can click "Back" to return to the previous page.

4. After the refinance is completed, the new offer will automatically take effect. The WETH borrowed from the new offer will be used to repay the loan from the original offer, and the remaining WETH will be transferred to your wallet. For example, if the loan amount in the new loan is 0.1 WETH and the repayment amount in the current loan is 0.081657 WETH, the remaining 0.018343 WETH will be transferred to your wallet.

5. After repayment, the original loan will be terminated, and you need to complete the repayment or a new refinance before the due date of the New loan.

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