Road To V1 🪬

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Citizens of the Protectorate,

We are writing to update you on our progress on the Road to V1. Since we completed the Event Horizon, our team has actively been engaging in the next steps towards V1.

The forthcoming iteration of Protectorate Protocol, V1, will feature the launch of Protectorate’s flagship product; the NFT Capsule. In addition, it will incorporate new, more scalable, more profitable  strategies for the ETH Capsule that will work synergistically with the NFT Capsule. As NFT Finance continues to emerge and mature as a notable vertical, we recognize the importance of exercising caution and maintaining vigilance as we advance this burgeoning crypto asset class.

We are in the process of finalizing the mechanics for the protocol rewards; oPRTC, which will be available for claiming & exercising when it goes live. In alignment with our progress towards delivering V1 of the protocol, we will steadily introduce the ability to redeem these rewards.

Our development team has expanded and is solely focused on the next 3 tasks which make up V1:

1) Deploying PRTC vesting contracts (this week)
2) Development of V1 (NFT Capsule)
3) oPRTC (claiming & exercising)

Note: All contracts deployed will always be fully audited.

Simultaneously, we are establishing a Foundation in the Cayman Islands that will act as the holding entity for the Protectorate Protocol DAO. We are unwavering in our commitment to guiding the Protectorate Protocols transition towards decentralization over time. Until that occurs, the Elder Council will serve as the main steering committee, mirroring the role of a board in a traditional company.

We are organizing our first ever community call on August 11th at **10am EST, **which we call the Conclave. During this call, we will provide further details about the points we've covered above. We look forward to welcoming your presence there.

The Protectorate's inaugural community call, the Conclave.
The Protectorate's inaugural community call, the Conclave.

In service of the Protectorate,

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