Protectorate Protocol V1: NFT Capsule 🪬

Since the launch of Protectorate Protocol, the core team has been actively exploring ways to create market-first’s that not only re-imagine the way our users interact with NFTs, but re-create the way we collect, farm, and trade them altogether.

Protectorate has successfully launched 2 products since its inception:

  • v0.1 - ETH Capsule

  • Zaar - NFT Trading Terminal built natively on Telegram

Now, we are pleased to announce our next product, poised to supercharge yield opportunities for NFTs - The NFT Capsule.

Introducing The NFT Capsule 🪬

As with everything we do, V1 of Protectorate Protocol is built with our core users and target market in mind:

  • NFT Collectors (Individuals, Funds, etc)

  • NFT Collections (Teams like Yuga Labs that Bored Ape Yacht Club and more, Pudgy Penguins, etc)

  • NFT Traders

What Is The NFT Capsule? 🖼

The NFT Capsule allows users to deposit their NFTs from supported collections and earn real yield (ETH), in an actively-managed strategy.

The NFT Capsule will create an even more attractive NFT collection experience. Not only are JPEG’s no longer illiquid, but you can now earn yield on your otherwise idle holdings using the NFT Capsule.

We're about to show you how far the rabbit hole goes. 💊
We're about to show you how far the rabbit hole goes. 💊

Using deposited NFTs from supported collections, the protocol will primarily borrow pETH from JPEG’d, at a safe LTV, which is then used to run a strategy on Curve & Convex Finance → auto-compounding yield by default, which then streams WETH rewards to depositors.

Supported Collections at Launch (all collections accepted on JPEG’d as collateral) 🖼

oPRTC Yield Boost 💊

5% of the total PRTC supply has been allocated as oPRTC rewards for NFT Capsule usage, re-directing 50% of the ETH Capsule emissions to incentivize deposits into the NFT Capsule (meaning at NFT Capsule launch, both will have equal emissions) - making the real APR much greater, when factoring in:

  1. WETH yield


  2. oPRTC emissions

NFT Capsule Mechanics 🛠

Security FAQ 🔓

  • Will the NFT Capsule be audited?

    • The NFT Capsule will launch fully audited.
  • What if there is a liquidation triggered?

    • Protectorate Protocol has developed keeper bots that automatically adjust position sizing by unwinding funds being used to run a strategy, monitoring Chainlink NFT price oracles.

      • In simple terms, this is an added layer of protection against downward market movements on supported NFT collections that would otherwise cause liquidation if not managed accordingly.
    • In the unlikely event of a liquidation, the protocol will assess the situation accordingly.

Important to Note ⚠️

  • Will you use JPEG’d trait boosts for the inaugural strategy?

    • -.-- . ...

Wen? 🪄

Launch of the NFT Capsule is imminent.

Stay tuned to the official Protectorate Protocol account on X for updates, as launch date and time will be posted there.

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