This has everything to do with crypto art, NFT, and everything else I've done before. A year ago, I got in a dark place that restrained my creative ability. I got tired of the things that used to excite me and that includes crypto art. Since then, I keep on creating tokenized art, albeit in an inconsistent manner. A year later, my feelings remain unchanged.

Public attention and adoption to NFT came faster than I expected, and I feel like a lot of them failed to put a good light on this new medium. Being focused on the artistic side of things, I have failed to design my works better to fit this new group of audiences. This forces me to waste my energy contemplating rather than creating.

I want to create again. Unrestrained and careless.

But how can I stay relevant while doing so? Finding a solution to this personal problem of mine seems to be the most practical way out.

I present to you: Incomplete Design.

This project will be my medium to constantly create and experiment with my art while inviting the audience into the process. The NFT will never stay the same and will grow with me as well as you — the audience.

Incomplete Design will launch on February 22nd. Availability, pricing, and more information about the project will be shared along the way until its release date.


Incomplete Design is inspired by a 2018 Murat Pak article.

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