March 3rd, 2022

It’s amazing when a community comes together in the world of web3. It’s a bit sad to see one fizzle out just as quickly as it forms.

Rewards play a key role in galvanizing a community further. As we’re figuring out these experiments with DAOs — I wanted to share the technicals of how I was able to whitelist 39,895 wallet addresses for an Ethereum mainnet smart contract while avoiding a cost prohibitive gas expense. This article dives into NodeJS, JavaScript, Merkle Trees, and Solidity.

The “DAO” in question is one that has partially fizzled out, ConstitutionDAO, the original team responsibly abandoned the project after the initial goal (to win an auction to acquire a historic copy of the Constitution) failed. They made sure everyone who donated could get a refund — and avoided ever looking like scammers, which was definitely a good move. PeopleDAO formed shortly after, organizing around the $People ERC-20 token (which contributors could opt to claim instead of their refund). The token is inherently a fairly distributed token and it is great to see a community evolve out of it.

I had come up with a generative art NFT Collection concept around the time the auction was lost — and I wanted to make it available for anyone who took part in the DAO. It was great to see so many new entrants into the world of web3 and I wanted to help keep them engaged. More about that can be found here:

February 10th, 2022

The ConstitutionDAO came up in the Fall of 2021 as I was getting back into generative art and experimenting with the NFT space. I had heard about DAOs before, but never participated in one until the ConstitutionDAO. The experience was interesting and exciting. When the auction was lost there was a feeling of disappointment as well. Most of us who participated in the DAO, knew that "technically", we were not going to "own a fraction" of the Constitution *if acquired — but I think a lot of us felt like we were in fact going to be a fractional owner...

In the period shortly after losing the auction, I had been working on experiments with generative art projects. As I was noodling on things, and taking breaks observing chatter in the ConstitutionDAO Discord, I was inspired to work on an art project which could be shared with fellow ConstitutionDAO contributors. And so the generative art collection: Constitution Fractionalized (CFRAC) was born.

The Constitution Fractionalized Collection

The digital copies of the Constitution made available by the National Archives are quite beautiful in their own way — so sampling from them seemed like a good starting point. When thinking of a larger sized generative art collection one of the challenges is to make the individual art pieces unique in their own way, while still feeling like they belong to the larger collection. I decided to take the very simple approach of literally "fractionalizing" copies of the Constitution into pieces and displaying them in a visually "fun" way. Further given that the copies of the Constitution are across 4 pages — sampling all 4 pages allows for the collection to clearly have 4 distinct "types" of NFTs — and collectors may want to collect all 4 pages. Another simple variable to have fun with is the background color — the color palette ranges from “fun” to “serious”.