TOP 3 POAPs Historical Moments
August 15th, 2022

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. POAPs are a way to prove attendance at an event. These NFTs badges for events can vary in IRL such as in person meetups or distributed for attending a virtual event. To learn more visit POAP

In this brief article, I discussed my opinion on the top 3 POAPs that I consider are Historical Moments within the ecosystem.

1. Decentraland 1st Anniversary Party

POAP: Decentraland 1st Birthday Party

  • In early February of 2021; The Genesis Plaza became a big party central in Decentraland as the virtual world celebrated its official one year anniversary of its existence. They gave their players an opportunity to claim an exclusive birthday party POAP to remember the party time in the metaverse.
20-Feb-2021 Genesis City | Supply: 819
20-Feb-2021 Genesis City | Supply: 819

2. adidas Enters the Metaverse with POAP

POAP: adidas Originals: our future started here

  • In November of 2021; adidas, one of the footwear giants globally. They directed members worldwide to download their CONFIRMED app to access their newest drops and more exclusive content; they have offered to implement and give their earliest loyal followers a POAP NFT.

For those of you in search of new playgrounds where possibilities are limitless, we invite you to join us as we voyage into the Metaverse


17-Nov-2021 Virtual Event | Supply: 3,509
17-Nov-2021 Virtual Event | Supply: 3,509

3. You’ve met Patricio (POAP Founder)

POAP: You have met Patricio in April 2022 (IRL)

  • I truly believe that meeting Patricio Worthalter is a must on my list, and many POAP collectors out there could agree. Everyone who gets a chance to meet Patricio always gets rewarded with an exclusive POAP handed over by Patricio Worthalter.

Find me in Amsterdam and get a POAP 🎖

-Patricio Worthalter

1-April-2022 Virtual Event | Supply: 428
1-April-2022 Virtual Event | Supply: 428

Bonus Honorable Mention: WeFrens @

POAP: WeFrens @ - July 2022

  • This POAP represents that you are a part of an exclusive club of Welook heavy users, who are constantly contributing to building the infrastructure of the future of social web3. With this POAP you are able to know and test out every new Welook product and try out every single new feature to give out feedback and product ideas.
1-July-2022 | Supply: 29
1-July-2022 | Supply: 29


Preserving moments as NFTs has been one of the best ways to interact not just with friends and family but with people around the world that can now have their moments recorded on the blockchain and looks forward to adopting this new tech. There are a lot of great moments that have been preserved thanks to the POAP protocol. Each day we see new creative ways to introduce what POAP is really about and its possibilities.

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