The Duhverse Acaduhmii

The Acaduhmii is an initiative from the Duhverse to onboard new people to web3. A small group of people apply to participate in a one week program and they receive a free Lamb Duhs NFT upon completion of the program.

The most meaningful onboarding experiences are person to person. It could be a family member who helps you set up a wallet, or helps you grasp NFTs, or a friend who sends you your first crypto asset.

There are so many great videos and articles meant to help people get into web3, but when you’re brand new, it’s helpful to have people to talk to.

When we thought about education and onboarding for the Duhverse, we wanted to build an experience for people who were brand new to web3. A Lamb Duh is many people’s first NFT because of it’s accessible price point and cute art style.

Personally, my experience is in cohort-based educational experiences. I see tremendous value in going through a learning experience with other people who are on the same journey. This was an arc that I haven’t yet seen in the web3 space.

So the Acaduhmii is a one week program with three live sessions. The cohorts are small (for now) and everyone has to attend all of the live sessions and complete some work in between the sessions.


Our program assumes a few things to start:

  1. You are able to make a discord account and join our server
  2. You have heard of NFTs and are curious about learning more

On point 1. Discord is a place to communicate with everyone about the program, chat with the cohort, and host the live sessions. Without it, communication gets spread across many channels like twitter, email, and discord. Consolidating everything in Discord streamlines the process.

On point 2. This is not a course for people who believe NFTs are bad. I don’t have energy to convince skeptics when there are so many people who are genuinely interested and need help participating safely. I know this space is far from perfect, though, and we spent a lot of time in the course talking about scams, pump and dumps, and plenty of things to be skeptical about within the NFT space. But fundamentally the people we want to work with are interested in the technology and culture being created within NFT communities.

Content Covered

  • Understanding basic security related to blockchain and crypto wallets
  • Utilizing resources like Discord and OpenSea
  • Rarity tools and NFT pricing
  • Gas fees and gas wars
  • Researching on chain information with Etherscan
  • Allowlist trends
  • Red flags in projects
  • Having a healthy mindset about the space
  • Understanding how you can contribute and participate in NFTs

Along with learning the above content, students are also tasked with finding three resources to help other people who are new to web3. As a graduation to the program students publicly share their own stories of why they’re excited about NFTs, what they learned in the Acaduhmii and what they’re looking forward to in the space.

Application process

Applications are public and open to anyone, but you will have to join our discord server in order to learn if you’ve been accepted. Since we offer a limited number of slots we are keeping the admissions process as fair as possible by:

  • Screening out any applications that are not serious or are not the right fit for the program. We did not screen out any of the 11 applicants for the first round.
  • Then we randomly generate a number for each application and sort them, accepting the 8 highest numbers.
  • Those accepted are then tagged in discord and must respond in order to claim their spot and participate in the cohort. **

First Cohort

We offered admission to eight people in the first cohort. We heard back from all of them, but not all of them confirmed in time and joined the session. Five students participated the cohort and four students completed the program and have received their Lamb Duh. One student from the first cohort will complete his final task as part of the second cohort and receive his NFT upon completion.

The cohort was composed of one student from the USA and four students from the Philippines. It was a joy working with everyone and we’ve already seen the graduates become more involved in the Duhverse community.

Future Cohorts

Applications for the second cohort are open until February 12th at 11:59pm eastern time. The next sessions will take place on Tuesday, February 15th, Thursday, February 17th and Tuesday, February 22nd all from 7-8pm eastern US time.

The process is far from perfect and can never reach scale in the current structure. We’re in no rush to educate thousands of people in the next few months, but we will be playing with some variables to improve this offering. Here is a short list of things we may tweak in the future:

  • Times of day we host the live sessions
  • Number of students in the cohort
  • The incentive for participating
  • Fully asynchronous cohort
  • Interaction between the cohort members

If you’re curious about the Acaduhmii you can find me @hotdoglamb on twitter, or as Great Blue#0466 on Discord. Here is the applications link again.

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