ZC's Crypto Hair Magazine
April 9th, 2022

I. ZC’s Crypto Hair Magazine

is a collectible monthly magazine cover mockup dedicated to uplifting black people in web3 and preserving the history and nostalgia of printed black hair magazines.  Each cover features the beautiful portraits of black and brown women who are making waves in the crypto space. OUR MISSION is to record the beauty of black hair onto the blockchain and preserve the creative legacy of Black and Brown people throughout the diaspora.

Why is Crypto Hair Magazine Important?

  • Crypto Hair Mag acts as a historical ledger- ensuring that WOC will not be erased from conversations about Web3 pioneers.
  • Hair is a significant part of black culture. Self-expression through hair has been critical in the way we converse and relate with each other. CHM celebrates that conversation that every black and brown person collectively understands.
  • CHM brings the nostalgia of printed black hair mags to the Web3 world, ensuring that the legacy of classic prints are forever memorialized into the blockchain.
  • Not all artists are celebrated for being themselves. CHM highlights artists and creatives for their own natural beauty, not just their art.


Learn more about each phenomenal woman here!


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JULY 2022/ISSUE 05

Featuring: Tiana, Audrey Thee Artist, and Zarah Charm

JUNE 2022/ISSUE 04

Featuring: Jen, Naomi Metzer, Spifster Sutton, and Zarah Charm

May 2022/ ISSUE 03

Featuring: Lost Boi, Mariah,Rhyver White, The Crypto Duchess, and Zarah Charm

APRIL 2022/ ISSUE 02

Featuring: Yanissa X, Blk Orchid, Charm Taylor, and Zarah Charm

March 2022/ ISSUE 01

Featuring: Crux, Nessy, Nariscia, Renaissance, Jazii, and Zarah Charm

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