Meet The Cover Queens!
June 15th, 2022

Every month, Crypto Hair Magazine features amazing people doing great things in Web3. Learn more about each featured Cover Queen below.

June 2022

Naomi Metzger (@afrochicksnft ) is the 9x British Triple Jump Champion and creator of AfroChicks NFT, a collection celebrating Afro Hair and supporting unfunded athletes.

**Spifster Sutton (@spifster) is a Chicago based visual artist who has garnered a knack for her signature “spiffed” style of nail art & design. In 14 years of artistry, Spifster has created a household brand in the nail industry & has paved the way for other nail artists through trends & education. Nail artist to many worldwide and a handful of celebrity clientele, Spifster’s work has transcended into interior design (by way of decospiff), apparel design, NFT’s and more. **

**Jen  (@OnlyOneJ_E_N) is an educator of over 15 years serving in both general and special education, Wakanomy co-founder, educator, special needs advocate, and crypto trader, JEN, is working to ensure that all under-resourced and overlooked communities are included in the development of and the generational wealth opportunities within web3. Equipped with a background in psychology, behavioral sciences, educational-focused data and research, and day trading, JEN is developing a financial and web3 centered educational platform that offers quality educational tools and caters to the learning style of each individual person, including children and adults with autism and other special needs.** 

LOST BOI is a multi-versed artist celebrating eclectic unity through culture, art, and experiential design. As a West African Indigenous storyteller, Lost Boi combines immersive dining, science, performing arts to showcase humanity through the embracement of the inner child. Through her Harlequin vibes and ambivert touch, she is spreading an unstoppable vision of decentralized freedom and abundance for all as a way to magnetize true inclusivity in the world.

THE CRYPTO DUCHESS Monet Quarles is the CEO of Duchess Consulting LLC, a Web3 marketing and business development consulting firm in the crypto and NFT space. She is also the founder of The Crypto Duchess, a platform that provides education and resources about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the public. She has been researching in the crypto space since 2009 and has been an investor since 2012. She is enthusiastic about helping onboard as many women of color as possible into the crypto and NFT space.

Rhyver is an LA based Artist, the COO of the NFT Marketplace, Wakanomy, and a community member of the Web3 Pull Up. Prior to her work in the NFT space, Rhyver worked on the representation side of the entertainment industry in both agency and talent management. She is also a theatre trained actor, with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University. Rhyver takes an active interest in the welfare of her community, some of her deepest passions being financial literacy and youth advocacy.

MARIAH is an experienced business strategist, full stack web developer and dynamic marketer. Driven by her need to evolve constantly, she takes pride in providing the best scalable business solutions possible. As a marketer her goals include to advertise the most exquisite qualities of purpose-driven minority entrepreneurs. But her primary function as a developer is to educate the community and bridge the gaps between business fundamentals and technological innovation. She believes that business ownership is a path towards closing the wealth gap and living a prosperous financially free life. Mariah has been recognized by Wonder Women Tech, Hackernoon, FOX and others for her commitment to economic liberation during the new digital age.

APRIL 2022 

Yanissa X. “I put the emphasis on creating the perfect mood to capture the right moment. It's a passion, an obsession.”

Blk Orchid is a Reggae-Inspired artist based in Toronto Canada, Orchid is a multifaceted creative, who has displayed exceptional writing and vocals to her own productions.

Charm Taylor is a multidisciplinary “artivist” she creates music and art that drives social impact in real life. Charm has been a professional artist for a decade, first as front woman and songwriter of The Honorable South, then as maker of her solo ep The Road Within, and most recently in her already critically acclaimed album She is the Future. Deep delta roots, St. Louis born, New Orleans living liberationist & pollinator generating nu music NFTS as movement soundtrack in the throes of social revolution, emergent motherhood, and a global yearning for healing and restoration.

Zarah Charm is a multidisciplinary artist whose work extends through digital media, photography, and hair artistry. Her style, which is greatly influenced by both her career as a natural hair stylist and her international travels, explores themes of freedom, community, and Blackness.

MARCH 2022

Crux  is a multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on movement art. For 15 years she has been classically trained between genres including: Hip-Hop, African, ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, & acro/gymnastics. Crux is a freelance movement artist, teaching, performing, & choreographing locally & virtually. Her intention is to make the healing powers of movement accessible to folks of all ages and identities through her artistic creations & her facilitation practices.

Nessy is from Nova Scotia, Canada. Coming from a historic Black community, social justice, culture and equity are driving forces in everything she does. Black people and culture are the subjects of her work. She sees this as a reflection of self, represented through abstract depictions of everyday life and Black icons. In 2021 Nessy started to explore NFTs and web 3, she launched her first successful NFT collection called MxSe.

Nariscia is a London-based visual artist and astrologer who creates with intention. Her work depicts a harmonious balance of the divine feminine and masculine in order to lead one back to self and visualize transcendence. As a master of colour, she intuitively uses colour to evoke healing and higher thinking.

Renaissance is the createHER of the H.E.R. Series. She is a fashion, portrait and event photographer born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Since 2018, she’s been curating Women’s History Month events honoring black women and giving them the flowers they deserve.

Jazii Singer/Songwriter, Mother, and multi-faceted creative Jazii is a Los Angeles native with heavy roots in music. She has commanded stages across the world, and her work can be heard on multiple major television networks and streaming platforms. Her Genesis NFT on Mint Songs sold out in hours, and her second release sold in days. Her third music NFT project, Feather, is available now and as her gift ascends, her music evolves. Jazii is here to foster an environment that promotes  feeling  and  healing  through the lyrics and songs she creates.

Zarah Charm is a multidisciplinary artist whose work extends through digital media, photography, and hair artistry. Her style, which is greatly influenced by both her career as a natural hair stylist and her international travels, explores themes of freedom, community, and Blackness.

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