Introducing Zeevo

Zeevo is an application built for creators to interact, organize, coordinate, and build community. With our alpha launch, Zeevo gives the ability to create surveys and curate content as interactive sequences.

Respondents are rewarded with customizable proof of participation(PoP) NFTs to incentivize engagement and grow your community with Web3.

Whether you're organizing a DAO, hosting a podcast, or building an NFT collection, Zeevo gives you the ability to create unique interactive content and reward your audience for their attention, ideas, feedback, and contributions.

Zeevo's True Color

In addition to collecting feedback, Zeevo sequences open the door to another world of possibilities. These sequences mark the spot where Zeevo takes on a unique form. Native support for dynamic routes enables choose-your-own-adventure style content and we can’t wait to see what you create.

Interactive fiction, personality quizzes, would-you-rather, and hot-or-not, are just a few examples of what you can build with Zeevo. A model for creators to generate revenue emerges and we've laid the foundation for a positive-sum game between creators, takers, and makers.

Creators have countless tools and platforms to interact with and build community. Unfortunately, many of these tools deploy parasitic models to extract value and leave creators and communities to foot the bill.

Zeevo North Star Principles

We believe users should be in control of their data. We believe in solid privacy controls for users. We believe that creators and takers should be compensated fairly for their creativity, attention, and ideas.

We believe that Web3 gives us new opportunities to put users first but that Web3 doesn't inherently guarantee it. We like the idea that less is more, and we love that in-house meta-sequences will help us coordinate with users to grow and shape Zeevo 🌀

Team Zeevo

We are a globally dispersed small and passionate group based in Boulder, Colorado. We care a great deal about the integrity of our work and building a tool for creators to coordinate and grow their communities. Our alpha prototype was built in close collaboration with the amazing folks at

Something Else

We look forward to a future where sequence response entropy will seed chatbots to create the world's most excellent digital assistants. In pursuit of that idea, we discovered something else.

If you remove the noise, does the signal sound the same?

[Yes, I think so]
[No, signal is signal]
[Lets talk]

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