Zenland P2P Marketplace v.1.1.0 is Live!

Zenlanders, we are thrilled to announce that one of the most anticipated milestones of the year — Marketplace v.1.1.0 release — has been completed well ahead of time!

The initial release of the escrow marketplace has been scheduled for Q2, yet the developers got through the tasks in the pipeline early. This world’s first P2P marketplace on smart contracts has been in the open beta phase for a little over 3 months with reports and revisions from the BitcoinTalk forum and community volunteers.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome our newest addition to the Zenland platform!

What is unique about Zenland Marketplace?

The concept of the P2P marketplace on smart contracts is novel. People are used to the traditional ways of dealing through centralized P2P marketplaces. Although common, these platforms lack security and infrastructure for a new generation of users in crypto commerce.

1️⃣ Non-custodial web3 wallet access

Unlike traditional marketplaces that heavily collect and store registration data on their servers, we only save your web3 wallet address (Metamask wallet only at this point). This is your public wallet address that serves as a personal identifier for all marketplace contracts initiated, active and executed on the blockchain.

See how to add Metamask wallet to your browser (free)

2️⃣ Unlimited product listings

Yes, you heard this right! Gone are the days for limited product listings. The era of peer-to-peer commerce has an ever-increasing number of product/service ads posted by a single user. Whether you list a single item (product/service) or add multiple items — is your business. Just be mindful of duplication and outright spam.

3️⃣ Sharable seller profiles and items

List and launch your display with a sharable profile and items. Simply add the items (products/services) you are offering with the necessary details on how to purchase them and appropriate guarantees. Once approved by the moderators, it will be live on your page. Share it to Telegram groups, forums, or social media to get the most exposure.

4️⃣ No “upgrade-to-premium” offers

Tired of hidden marketplace fees and their “freemium” plans? You’ve come to the right address — no premium upgrades exist with Zenland Marketplace. Every feature developed, tested, and live on the server is free to use. Now is the time to build our community of early adopters of borderless smart contract commerce.

5️⃣ Fairtrade with stablecoin payments

Cryptocurrency is best known for its volatility and has been the culprit for buyers and sellers reluctance to favor crypto rather than fiat. Now, as anything can be traded with stablecoins anyone with stable internet access and a web3 wallet can safely buy/sell a product, a service, or an asset through smart contracts.

6️⃣ On-chain process verification

Purchases or sales are made through escrow smart contracts. Every action a buyer or seller completes on his/her side is confirmed by the blockchain network and has a transaction address and a timestamp. This way everything from publishing an agreement to sending payment and receiving payment can be verified through open-source blockchain explorer websites like Etherscan, BSCscan, Polygonscan, etc.

7️⃣ On-demand Live chat support

Last but not least, because of the smart contract P2P marketplace novelty, there will be questions on how to use it down the road. And we are happy to support and grow the new generation of smart-contract-savvy online buyers and sellers. Live Chat Support is in-built into the dashboard Chat. Once you create a buy or sell contract and request assistance, a dedicated Zenland team member will expedite your onboarding process.

8️⃣ Direct contract-to-wallet transactions

Having been trading through the existing P2P marketplaces for half a decade, we know how frustrating it is to wait for X number of days or X amount of money to cash out your payouts. Not anymore with Zenland enabling direct contract-to-wallet transactions. It is an effort to let all sellers and service providers get paid right away once the client is satisfied. No matter how small or large the payment amount is it should travel directly from the buyer’s address to the smart contract on the blockchain and then, from it to the seller’s wallet address. Zenland in-app wallets only serve to debit and credit the balance to pay the service fee and are not linked to payments for products/services/assets.

See Zenland service fee breakdown (no hidden fees)

What can you buy or sell on Zenland Marketplace?

Technically anything from products to services to assets and collectibles. In reality, there is a huge and (quite sketchy) market for all things digital that needs a safer solution.

That said, buying or selling physical goods requires a well-run tracking system that would require a centralized approach. Thus, for the time being, the focus of Zenland marketplace is on the digital side or P2P commerce: from websites to graphic design or copywriting services to in-game assets.

The pre-approved model used for Zenland Marketplace allows repeat sales from a once-set contract for a specific item. This feature is best suited for offering freelance services or items re-stocked by the seller on a continuous basis.

Filling a simple smart contract form the seller selects multiple payment networks (Binance, Gnosis, Ethereum, etc.) and currencies (stablecoins). This contract is saved as an item to the seller’s profile which can be easily shared with clients.

Launch & Scale: Early Adopters Benefits

For a few months now Zenland escrow has been offered cost-free for its first-time users with the welcome bonus covering the service fee. We want to continue this “early-access” tradition and welcome users to try all marketplace features at zero cost.

Every new user with a unique Metamask wallet address is automatically credited an equivalent of $25 USD on his/her first login. This allows you to launch and scale your sales for an equivalent sum of $2000 USD at $0 service cost!

Also, all regular escrow and marketplace users are automatically considered for all future Zenland Fee (ZENF) token airdrops and will form the foundation for Zenland DAO. In the future, through this and other community programs, DAO members and governance token holders will be a part of proposal voting and profit sharing.

Liking it so far? Time to jump into action and be early!

Explore Zenland

💠Official website https://zen.land/
💠 Zenland escrow application https://app.zen.land/
💠 ZENF token page https://token.zen.land
💠 User documentation https://docs.zen.land/
💠 Knowledge base https://learn.zen.land/
💠 Whitepaper https://zen.land/whitepaper.pdf
💠 Telegram group https://t.me/zenlandofficial
💠 Telegram channel https://t.me/zenlandapp
💠 Twitter https://twitter.com/zenland_app
💠 Discord https://discord.com/invite/gXdd8bd6Ez

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