A new home for 0x Protocol

0x Protocol, the permissionless Web3 exchange infrastructure now has its own dedicated home at 0xProtocol.org! The new website will serve as a central hub of information for the Protocol and its governance. As of now, a provisional landing page is in place while a more comprehensive website is being built by the community, for the community.

In addition to the website, new content pertaining to the Protocol can be found at mirror.xyz/zeroexprotocol.eth and tweeted from @zeroexprotocol. Subscribe and follow for all the latest happenings in the 0x Protocol ecosystem - ZEIPs, governance news, grant programs, research/thought pieces, and more.

“The launch of the new website and blog marks a significant moment in our journey to decentralize 0x Protocol. By providing a central hub for information and communication for the Protocol, we aim to further empower the community to participate in its development and governance,” said Eric Wong, Governance PM at 0x.


Establishing an independent online presence for 0x Protocol is a critical step in the progressive decentralization roadmap; one that ends with 0x Protocol becoming an uncensorable, unstoppable publicly good.

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