ZKFair: Why postpone Gas Fee Airdrop to the 24th?

Dear community users, the Gas Fee Airdrop campaign that opened today (23rd) has been canceled and will be postponed for one day to reopen on the 24th at 11:00 UTC+8. In the spirit of being responsible for the community, it is important to explain why we did this and how we can improve the rules to be more fair.

Why the 23rd Gas Fee Airdrop event canceled

We launched the Gas fee Airdrop campaign on the 23rd at 11:00 UTC, as originally planned, on a "first-come, first-served" basis. This rule was designed to allow all users to participate as fairly as they wished. However, we were forced to pause and ultimately cancel the Airdrop an hour or so after it started for several reasons:

  • The community was overwhelmed by the number of participants. In fact, our backend counted over 440K unique users in total, with over 10 million requests at peak. We are sorry that we were not prepared for such a high volume of traffic.

There were a few addresses with unusually high transaction frequency, and the nodes were attacked by a few IP addresses. This suggests that a large number of scripts are behind the frequent submission of transactions, which violates our community-driven, fair-launch philosophy.

As a result, we have decided to make timely adjustments to the Gas fee Airdrop rules, and Gas fee Airdrop activity for all ZKF tokens will be reopened tomorrow. We will expand our server capacity to provide a better experience for our users.

Meanwhile, we promise that the Gas fee consumed by users during 11:00-13:00 (UTC +8) today will be fully refunded to the original address. We have now completed all refunds. Here, we publicize the full refund address list.

New Gas Fee Airdrop rules

In order to ensure fair participation of community users, we have made a new version of Gas Fee Airdrop rule. In this rule, we are still releasing 75% of ZKF tokens with a Gas fee of 3 million USDC, which means that the total initial FDV of ZKF is only 4 million USD. At the end of the event, 100% of the tokens will be circulated immediately and no additional tokens will be released in the future.

How It Works:

1.Total ZKF tokens: 7.5 billion.

2.Total gas fees: 3 million USDC.

3.The event runs for 48 hours in four 12-hour phases. Each phase will have 1.875 billion tokens worth 750K USDC.

4.In each phase, tokens are distributed based on users' gas fee contributions.

5.For each phase, excess gas fees are refunded after the event concludes. Example: If $1 million is spent on gas fees in the first 12 hours, and a user, Alice, spent $10,000, she would receive 1% of the tokens. Alice would also receive a gas fee refund of $2,500.

Additional Information:

The official ZKFair team won't participate in the Gas Fee Airdrop.

The L2 Gas Fee funds collection address will be publicly disclosed.

Users can claim their ZKF tokens 24 hours after the Airdrop concludes.

‼️ Gas Fee Limit Rules:

Gas Fee Airdrop is a fair-launch token release method to enable more community users to participate, thus ensuring the overall equity of the community. During the Gas Fee Airdrop event, to prevent whale addresses from taking up too much of the Airdrop percentage, we imposed certain restrictions on the frequency of transactions and single transactions.

The specific rules are as follows:

  1. Single transaction Gas Price limit: 200,000 Gwei.

  2. Single transaction Gas Limit: 500,000.

  3. Transaction frequency limits per IP address.

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