ZKFair & Lumoz Dragon Slayer Campaign Concludes with Over 320,000 Participants!

As of now, 33.25 million Lumoz points and nearly 20,000 USDC in rewards have been fully distributed.

On April 17th, we are thrilled to announce to our community that the 38-day large-scale ecological event "Dragon Slayer" has successfully concluded. We deeply appreciate the continuous participation and support of every community member. We are also excited to share the accomplishments of the "Dragon Slayer" with everyone:

This event was divided into three stages and attracted 328,324 registrants. After selection, 110,770 participants were deemed valid, and a total of 33,250,000 Lumoz points and 19,900 USDC were distributed. During this period, Lumoz also announced the completion of a new round of funding and plans to launch the mainnet in Q3, which brings higher potential returns for the participants. Simultaneously, we express our sincere gratitude to 51 ecosystem partners, including Bitget, SPACE ID, TokenPocket, iZUMi, Orbiter, ReadON, and others. It is their collaborative efforts that have enabled more participants to engage in this event.

Here are the details of the "Dragon Slayer" event:

1. Event Highlights and Achievements

"Dragon Slayer" is a large-scale ecological event launched by Lumoz & ZKFair, with a total prize pool of 33,250,000 Lumoz points and 19,900 USDC. To enhance the event's appeal, it was initiated in a gamified format and launched in partnership with the Galxe platform. The event consisted of three phases: Departure, Exploration, and Final Battle, each featuring increasing rewards and upgraded gameplay.

Notably, within 24 hours of the event's start on March 8, over 88,000 users had registered, and the enthusiasm continued to rise, attracting global community attention, including participants from crypto-prosperous communities in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Throughout the Dragon Slayer event, 328,324 registrations were successfully received, with 110,770 actual participants. There was a 27% increase in social media following, with ZKFair's current Twitter followers at 468K and Discord followers at 174K. Additionally, ZKFair's chain on Gas fees repeatedly hit new highs, and the platform continued to share Gas profit gains with ZKF stakers, with weekly profit distributions close to 290,000 USDC.

During this period, the Lumoz project also garnered attention from capital and markets. On April 8, Lumoz announced that it had completed a funding round totaling $10 million, with a new round valuation of $120 million, participated by OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, and others. The Lumoz team revealed that the new funds would be used to expand the team and further accelerate the development of its Modular Compute Layer and ZK-RaaS platform. Additionally, Lumoz is set to launch its mainnet in Q3. The Lumoz points will also be exchangeable for tokens following the mainnet launch at a certain ratio.

Following these positive announcements, enthusiasm for participation surged again, with market reactions closely following, leading to significant growth in Lumoz's official Twitter and Discord channels. As of now, Lumoz's Twitter followers have exceeded 285K, and Discord followers are nearing 200K.

2. Ecosystem Prosperity and Development

In December of the previous year, ZKFair's mainnet officially went live. As the first ETH L2 officially released by Lumoz, ZKFair became a market focal point with its 100% Fair Launch and 100% community-driven model. Its ecosystem development has been notably rapid. To date, 71 partners have successfully deployed on the ZKFair network, covering project tracks such as DeFi, Bridge, NFT, Wallet, Infra & Tool, and more.


In the recent "Dragon Slayer" event, we were honored to receive strong support once again. Among the 51 partners, many familiar faces were seen, and we believe this event has further solidified our partnerships. At the same time, we welcomed many new partners such as @dYdX, @thefireflyapp, and @UXLINKofficial, which expanded the event's influence and reach across various ecosystems.

Strategic collaborations and ecosystem deployments not only strengthened ZKFair's market position but also significantly increased our community influence and brand visibility. Through these partnerships, ZKFair can better integrate resources, drive innovation, and establish a stronger competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We will continue to push ecosystem development and create more value for community members through these collaborations.

3. Beyond Dragon Slayer

"Dragon Slayer" is the first and only large-scale ecological event since the launch of ZKFair's mainnet, and the scale and total amount of rewards are evident. We have completed the accounting, and all Lumoz points and USDC rewards have been distributed to users, who can check their points and rewards on the ZKFair official website event page.

"Dragon Slayer" is more than just an event; it marks the beginning of a new phase for ZKFair. During this period, ZKFair PFP-CyberArmy NFT achieved up to a 160-fold increase in value. The community also voted to initiate a deflationary mechanism in April 2024, where 10% of ZKFair's Gas Fee profits will be used for the buyback and burning of ZKF. To date, 8,348,123.25 ZKF have been repurchased and destroyed. This is expected to further enhance the market value of ZKF and strengthen the confidence of investors and community members.

Meanwhile, ZKFair Launchpool has already launched five phases and will continue to select high-quality early-stage projects to launch in a low-valuation, fair-start manner, continuously empowering ZKF stakers, .zkf domain holders, and ZKFair PFP holders.

Looking forward, ZKFair will adhere strictly to its roadmap, supporting cross-chain transfers and trades of BTC ecosystem assets in Q2, and continuing to launch on more CEXs. We will also continue to expand high-quality ecosystem projects, focusing on the DeFi, Game, and AI sectors, aiming to achieve the deployment of 150+ ecosystem projects. We will launch more engaging and playable activities to energize the ecosystem, stimulate growth, and bring more wealth effects to ecosystem users.

Indeed, "Dragon Slayer" is a strong start and has laid a solid foundation for ZKFair's future development. We will continue to push towards our billion-dollar goal and promote our innovative projects globally, continuing to achieve more "impossibles." Finally, the ZKFair team would like to thank every participant for their enthusiastic support and active contributions! We hope every builder in the ZKFair ecosystem reaches the shores of their dreams.

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